man with a faded undercut hairstyle looking away from the camera

Our 49 Favourite Undercut Hairstyles for Men To Try

An undercut is a hairstyle characterised by its closely shaved back and sides with a longer top section. A classic undercut would typically be grown from temple to temple, with anything below that being shaved one level. However, more modern styles also feature taper fades and even nape undercuts. The longer top section of hair can be styled in a variety of different ways, from slicked back or combed over in a side parting to more messy textures.

Popular in the early 20th century the undercut has seen a major resurgence as of late thanks to hit period TV shows, including Boardwalk Empire and Peaky Blinders.

Thinking about giving the undercut haircut a go? Before heading off to the barbers, we’ve rounded up the best undercut hairstyles to inspire you.

Short Undercut

Man with short undercut
A classic, short look. Credit:

This is the perfect Thomas Shelby-inspired undercut style. The top is short but still long enough to play around with different looks, and the skin fade gives it a striking edge – all the key criteria for a good undercut. 

TRESemmé Volume & Lift Mousse Front

Editor’s tip: Get the look by rubbing a small amount of the TRESemmé Volume and Lift Mousse through your hair, using your fingers to push the hair forward to add definition and texture to your style.

Long Undercut

Man with long undercut
Long hair don’t care. Credit:

Men with long hair can pull the undercut hairstyle off amazingly. From James ‘Jimmy’ Darmody in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire to Charlie Hunnam’s hair in King Arthur, the long hair and undercut look has never been so popular.

David Beckham’s Look

David Beckham undercut hair
Do it like David Beckham. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

David Beckham has a lot of great hairstyle inspiration to choose from, but this undercut has to be one of his best.

Brad Pitt’s Fury Undercut

Brad Pitt undercut
A statement cut. Credit:

If there’s one film that will convince you to try a daring undercut, it’s Fury. Brad Pitt’s iconic undercut in this movie is one to take inspiration from.

Pompadour Undercut

Street style shot of a man with brown hair in a slick pompadour style with an undercut
Cut a slick figure with this retro-inspired pompadour. Credit:

Retro meets modern, this pompadour undercut mixes old and new to create a classic look with a fresh twist. Perfect for adding volume and height to thin hair, check out our guide to styling a pompadour for help rocking your new ‘do. And if you need help revamping thin hair, try TRESemmé Body & Volume Shampoo, enriched with silk proteins, collagen and a unique Volume Control Complex to add texture and body while cleansing your mane.

TRESemmé Body & Volume Shampoo Front

Want a side-swept pompadour? Just remember to take care when parting: it should correspond with the way your hair naturally falls, which is, of course, different for everyone. The key is to tailor the cut to suit your face shape; men with narrow features should opt for a shorter top and more length on the sides, while those with wider faces can have more volume up top and shorter sides to help elongate your face.

Messy Top with Undercut

Man with messy long top and undercut
Messy is best. Credit:

If you prefer messy, bedhead styles, this undercut look will be right up your street.

Low Fade Undercut

Man with brown hair in a comb over style with a low fade
You can’t go wrong with a low fade. Credit:

Want to try out a fade but worried about taking it too short? With a low fade, the taper (the blend from long to short) starts lower down on the head, adding shape without taking away too much length from your overall style.

Add a Fade

Fade undercut
This look is making a comeback. Credit:

Historically undercuts have had fully buzzed sides but if that’s too daring for you, you don’t have to write off the whole trend completely. This Instagrammer’s fade has all the appeal of the classic style but with a more subtle finish.

Man Bun with an Undercut

Man bun with undercut
It’s one of our top looks. Credit:

Combine two of the hottest men’s hairstyles for one spectacular look. If you have spent the last few years growing out your hair to work the ever-popular man bun, the last thing you may want to do is cut it all off.

So why not team your longer locks with a discreet undercut cuffing the ear? You won’t have to sacrifice any of your hard-earned length and will give your hair a fresh edge.

Side Part Undercut

Side part undercut
Try it out. Credit:

Classic but cool, this guy’s defined side parting contrasts with an undercut for a neat and polished look.

TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray Front

Editor’s tip: If you need to keep your style in place, we suggest using the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray. For 24-hour hold and a non-sticky finish, simply spritz your finished style with this nifty hairspray.

Curly Undercut

Curly undercut
Embrace your natural curls with the undercut hairstyle. Credit:

Curly-haired gents needn’t miss out on this trend. If your curly hair is tricky to manage, take some of the stress away by going for an undercut (half the hair = half the stress).

Pairing his undercut with what has been dubbed ‘the surgical part’ this Instagrammer’s curly brown hair looks picture perfect.

Skin Fade Undercut

Skin fade undercut
A fade adds all the drama. Credit:

A skin fade is an exaggerated take on the classic fade, in which the hair is tapered short enough that it blends in with the skin.

Textured Undercut

Textured undercut
You can style this messy look in minutes. Credit:

If you prefer a look that lets you get up and go with minimal styling required, you’ll love this no-fuss textured undercut. The best part about this hairstyle is that the more lived-in it looks, the cooler the effect – so you’ll finally have an excuse to rock the bedhead look. 

Undercut Comb Over

Undercut comb over
Put this on your to-do list. Credit:

One of the great things about an undercut is its versatility to work with almost any hairstyle, even more ‘traditional’ styles like the comb-over. 

Mushroom Undercut

Mushroom undercut
A trend we’re loving. Credit:

For the guy who likes to keep on top of the latest men’s hairstyle trends, let us introduce you to one of the hottest haircuts of the moment — the mushroom cut. Inspired by K-Pop band BTS, try adding an undercut to this updated bowl cut for an edgy, fashion-forward look.

Undercut Curtains

Curtains with undercut
Yes, please! Credit:

Want to know how to get curtain hair with a modern twist? Consider adding an undercut (it can be as subtle or statement as you like) to the look to bring this iconic ’90s style up to date.

Pastel Pink Undercut

Pink pastel undercut
Spruce up your undercut hairstyle with a bold hue. Credit:

This Instagrammer has given his bold cut the ultimate modern makeover, by colouring his hair a pastel pink hue. From Zayn Malik’s green tresses to Fellaini’s golden tips, there are a host of colours you can dye your undercut to really make it stand out.

Patterned Undercut

Patterned undercut
Jazz up your men’s undercut with a pattern design. Credit:

Before you write this quirky undercut hairstyle off, hear us out! This trend is the ideal way to shake up this classic men’s cut, plus, there are so many designs to choose from!

Think graphic geometrics to chevrons, or even cool swirls – you just have to decide on what you want your barber to shave in.

Want your patterned undercut to really stand out? Then why not experiment by adding in some bright colours, too? It’ll really make your pattern pop and will grow out quickly if you decide that it’s not for you.

Braids with an Undercut

Braided undercut
Braids are for men, too. Credit:

For anyone with curly or kinky hair types, this cornrowed braids and undercut combination is a great choice for every day.

Classic Undercut with Quiff

Undercut with quiff
Classic men’s undercut perfectly styled with a quiff. Credit: Dvora

We like to call this hairstyle the gentlemen’s undercut. Classic in style, yet youthful in attitude, this neat, grown-up take on the undercut works for both the office and out of hours!

If you’re after a more dramatic look, ask your barber to keep the top section longer to create a quiff; but if a classy, versatile style is more your thing, then keep the top relatively short for a slicker outcome.

Refined Undercut

Refined undercut
Choose a medium fade for a more refined finish to your undercut. Credit:

When it comes to older guys rocking an undercut, we know the camps are split: but this refined look is a great choice for mature gents. Ask your barber for a more conservative medium fade.

High Fade and Pompadour

High Fade and Pompadour
A sharp look! Credit:

Want something a little bit edgier than the refined men’s undercut? Then why not try a similar look, but with a high fade? Not only is it a totally hot style for almost anyone, but it makes the ideal style for guys going grey gracefully.

Fine Hair

Thin hair undercut
Fine hair suits undercuts well. Credit:

The beauty of the undercut is that it can work in conjunction with a tonne of other styles! Just take a look at this undercut man bun – the closely cropped sides give great contrast to the longer lengths of hair on top and it looks great on fine hair.

Thick Hair

Thick hair undercut
Men with thick hair can style their undercut in a multitude of styles. Credit:

Thick-haired chaps have the lucky advantage of being able to rock a high quiff. This is one of the easiest undercut hairstyles to pull off, simply ask your barber to leave quite a bit of length on top for your quiff, and to clip the sides and back ultra short to create a dramatic contrast.

Naturally Curly Hair

Afro undercut
All hail this undercut. Credit:

Afro hair and naturally curly guys, here’s your time to shine: style your waves with a fashionable fade undercut! This variation is perfect if you’re an undercut newbie and want to ease into this hair trend without having to make any changes that are too dramatic.

Why? Instead of a harsh, straight-up undercut, your barber will give you a subtle fade on the sides and back. i.e. he/she will start to shorten the length of your hair from approximately mid-point downwards.

Smooth and Sleek Undercut

Smooth and sleek undercut
A seriously sleek look. Credit: Dvora

Because this look is all about height (which will help create a distinct contrast between the top and bottom sections of your hair), it’s important to use a cleansing shampoo that will help hydrate the hair without weighing it down.

The Smart Undercut

Smart undercut
Overall, a super smart look. Credit:

Contrary to popular belief, an undercut for men can be a rather dapper hairstyle. And for those of you that are partial to classic crops and fades, this smart undercut is perfect!

Keep the length on the top, but remember to request a slightly longer undercut, as retaining more hair will still allow you to tap into the undercut hair trend, just without showing any skin.

Undercut with Beard

Undercut with beard
A city look. Credit:

If you’re a firm fan of facial hair, then you’ll really love this dapper undercut inspo.

Subtle Undercut

Subtle undercut
The subtle undercut is always a good choice. Credit:

Don’t be fooled by all the extreme undercut hairdos you see on the street because you can rock this look in a far more subtle way.

Just take a look at the fella above: this is a great example of how to work an undercut in a classic and sophisticated way, that easily gives any ‘do a refined finish.


Wet look hair
Choose a wet-look undercut, for a look that’s sharp and sleek. Credit:

To achieve this look, a great cut is essential: just ask your barber to keep the top section of your hair fairly long, while clipping the back and sides much shorter (but not too short).

Subtle Side Parting

Subtle side parting and undercut
Rock a sleek look with an undercut and side parting. Credit:

A big fan of your dapper parting and don’t want to lose it? Don’t fret: you can still rock a men’s undercut with a side part of your choosing.

To achieve the look, simply create your desired parting by blow-drying your hair into place. Note: this doesn’t have to be where the undercut starts, as depending on how dramatic you want the end results to be, it can start slightly off-centre for a more subtle look.

Wavy Top with Faded Sides

Wavy top with undercut
We’re loving this wavy top with faded undercut. Credit:

It’s time to style your waves with a fashionable fade undercut! This variation is perfect if you’re a newbie and want to ease into this hair trend, without having to make any changes that are too dramatic.

Instead of a harsh, straight-up cut, your barber will give you a subtle fade on the sides and back. This means he/she will start to shorten the length of your hair from approximately mid-point downwards. 

Neat Quiff with an Undercut

Neat quiff with undercut
Look sharp with a quiff and undercut duo. Credit:

Rocking a high quiff? Why not pair it with a stylish undercut hairstyle for men? This is one of the easiest styles to pull off: simply ask your barber to leave quite a bit of length on top for your quiff, and to clip the sides and back ultra short to create a dramatic contrast.

Textured Locks

Textured undercut
Got wavy hair? Then the textured undercut is for you! Credit: Dvora

Thought this style was out of the question because you have thick, heavily textured hair? Not so. This particular undercut is actually great for men with *ahem* ‘unruly’ locks.

Edgy Man Bun

Edgy man bun look
We’re loving this edgy man bun look. Credit:

Just take a look at this undercut man bun: the closely cropped sides give a great contrast to the longer lengths of hair on top, helping to make your man bun really stand out from the crowd.

Disconnected Hair

Disconnected hair undercut
Wow, this cut is fire. Credit:

A more directional variation on the classic style, the disconnected hairstyle is defined by a distinct ‘disconnect’ between the top and the bottom part of the haircut, while retaining short-trimmed sides and a not-too-long top.

Practical and versatile, much of the effect of this cut depends on styling. A side part usually works best with products that will add texture and gloss to help strike a perfect balance between modern and retro.

High Top Man Bun

High top man bun
Man buns come in all different forms, but we’re loving this one right now. Credit:

Are you already wearing your hair in a man bun but want a way to make the style your own? Why not opt for a short undercut like this Instagrammer?

With this ‘do you can either choose to show off your short undercut by piling your hair into a high top knot or letting your hair loose and keeping it your little secret. Pretty neat, eh?

Curly High Top

Curly undercut
Put your curly hair in the spotlight with this cool undercut style. Credit:

Embrace those curls with this short undercut hairstyle. Keeping the top of the length high, the contrast between the short undercut and the high top makes this looks even more eye-catching.

Alternative Undercut

Alternative undercut
Get creative with your undercut hairstyle. Credit:

While most undercut hairstyles are short on the back or sides, we think this short undercut at the nape of the neck makes a nice finishing touch to any hairstyle. After all, if you’re going for a standout style, you might as well get creative with it!

Long Quiff with Undercut

Long quiff with undercut
A quiff undercut is a popular option for guys looking for a low-key style. Credit:

Take the classic quiff and give it an on-trend update with an edgy undercut detail. By combining this well-loved look with a shaved undercut you’ll have a style that’s both iconic and contemporary all at once.

Slicked Back Top

Slicked back undercut
How smart does this look? Credit:

On the hunt for something sharp and slick? This dapper swept-back style is perfect for work and formal occasions alike, making it the ideal on-trend finishing touch to any smart outfit.

Crop with Undercut

Crop with undercut
Screenshot this for your next look. Credit:

More of an alternative sort of guy at heart? Yet to take the plunge with a new hairstyle to channel those vibes? Then surprise everyone by revealing your inner hipster with this French crop and shaved undercut style. You’re sure to get people talking with this one!

Blonde Curly Undercut

Blonde curly undercut
Curls for days! Credit:

If you haven’t yet noticed, curls are everywhere right now. So whether you’re blessed with a naturally-coiled mane or you fake it with styling products, why not add toughness to your curls by throwing a shaved undercut detail into the mix?

This is also a great way to take some of the weight away from the sides of your hair, so if you’ve got thick strands we urge you to give this one a try.

Man Braid

Man braid and undercut
Tap into the Vikings trend with a stylish man braid. Credit:

Move over man buns, because there’s a new style for long hair in town: the man braid.

The perfect way to keep your longer tresses back during high-intensity sports or gym workouts, topping off the look with a shaved undercut will ensure all of the focus is on your edgy man braid.

Mini Undercut

Mini undercut
Mini undercut, maximum impact. Credit:

Want to try out a shaved undercut but know that your boss wouldn’t approve? Well, one way around it is to opt for a more subtle shaved detail, like this Instagrammer.

This way, you’ll easily be able to cover it up with the rest of your hair during the 9-5 and they’ll never suspect a thing. Smart styling or what, eh?!

Smart Side Undercut

Smart side undercut
There’s nothing wrong with going down the classic route. Credit:

Who said you can’t rock James Bond-esque hair with an undercut? Add a modern touch to any classic hairstyle by opting for a sharp side undercut hairstyle, as this gent does.

This handsome ‘do is ideal if you’re a style-conscious gentleman who’s always on-trend, ensuring that you’re well ahead of the hair game. Just be sure to have some pomade on hand!

Long Hair + Side-part

Long hair and side parting undercut
Long hair? No problem. Credit:

Just because you’re ready for the razor, that doesn’t mean you have to part with your Tarzan-esque long mane. In fact, long hair can work with a side-part undercut, which this Instagrammer perfectly demonstrates.

But what makes this hairstyle so great is that you can switch up the side you want your hair to fall on whenever you feel like it. Oh, you could even rock a top knot and be out of the door in seconds! You can’t argue with that, can you?

Patterned Side Undercut

Patterned side undercut

This subtle yet unique hairstyle is for the creative mavens who like adding a personal touch to their looks — you know who you are!

Be as discreet or as eccentric as you like with your pattern choice, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll stand out wherever you go.

Colourful Undercut

Colourful undercut
Want to really stand out? Go down the colour route. Credit:

Most of Hollywood’s leading men are taking the colour plunge, so to take your side-swept ‘do to even more stylish heights, you should do the same.

Whether you go for a platinum blonde colour or something pastel (like this gent above has done) is all up to you. Who’s going to have the coolest-looking side-part undercut around? You are.

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