6 smart side-swept undercut styles to try this season

Planning a trip to the barber but have no idea what to ask for? Here's why you should try the side undercut.  

Heading into another season with the same old haircut? Here’s a suggestion: try a side-swept undercut instead of your standard trim. Why? Well, side undercut hairstyles have steadily made their way to the top of the crops, so now is the best time to give them a go.

However, if you need a little more persuading, scroll down to see the most dapper side-part undercut hairstyles that are ready to see you through the season, in style.

6 trendy side-swept undercut hairstyles to inspire your next trip to the barbers


shot of man at barbers with slick side swept undercut hairstyle
There’s nothing wrong with going down the classic route. Credit: Instagram.com/bullfrog_barbershop

1. Slick side undercut

Who said you can’t rock James Bond-esque hair with an undercut? Add a modern touch to any classic hairstyle by opting for a sharp side undercut hairstyle, like this gent does.

This handsome ‘do is ideal if you’re a style-conscious gentleman who’s always on-trend, ensuring that you’re well ahead of the mane game. Just be sure have some pomade on hand! Credit: @bullfrog_barbershop

shot of man at the barber with thin hair styled into a side part undercut
Go bald or go home with this daring side undercut! Credit: Instagram.com/SquireBarberShop

2. Side-part undercut with skin fade

The best thing about a side-swept undercut? It can work in conjunction with all hair types.

Just take a look at this side-part undercut, for example – the closely shaved sides create a cool contrast to the textured lengths on top, which work a treat for this gent’s fine hair. Credit: @squirebarbershop

shot of male model with curly side undercut hairstyle wearing suit
Thick curls? You can make them easier to style with a side undercut. Credit: Instagram.com/londonschoolofbarbering

3. Side-swept undercut with quiff

Already rocking an Elvis-approved quiff hairstyle? For this season, the look is getting an edgier upgrade and being paired with a side undercut.

As this gentleman with thick hair demonstrates, this look fuses that retro vibe with a casual, cool attitude, resulting in a look that’s totally on-point. That’s what we call #swag! Credit:  @londonschoolofbarbering

Editor’s tip: To build the height and volume that this side-swept undercut requires, work some VO5 Extreme Style Thicken Up Lifting Paste into your mane while styling. This will have your stands sky high and with a lasting hold in no time.

close up shot of man with long side-swept undercut hairstyle
Long hair? No problem. Credit: Instagram.com/cortesmasculinos

4. Long hair + side-part undercut

Just because you’re ready for the razor, that doesn’t mean you have to part with your Tarzan-esque long mane. In fact, long hair can work with a side-part undercut, which this Instagrammer perfectly demonstrates.

But what makes this hairstyle so great is that you can switch up the side you want your hair to fall on whenever you feel like it. Oh, you could even rock a top knot and be out of the door in seconds! You can’t argue with that, can you? Credit: @cortesmasculinos

close up shot of man at a barbers with side part undercut with small pattern in it
After a side undercut look that’s full of creative flair? Try this! Credit:Instagram.com/slimfadey__

5. The patterned side undercut

This subtle yet unique hairstyle is for the creative mavens who like adding a personal touch to their looks — you know who you are!

Be as discreet or as eccentric as you like with your pattern choice, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll stand out wherever you go. Credit: @slimfadey__

close up shot of man with a colourful side undercut hairstyle at the salon
Want to really stand out? Go down the colour route. Credit: Instagram.com/nia.scar

6. Colourful side-swept undercut

Most of Hollywood’s leading men are taking the colour plunge, so to take your side-swept undercut to even more stylish heights, you should do the same.

Whether you go for a platinum blonde colour or something pastel (like this gent above has done) is all up to you. Who’s going to have the coolest looking side-part undercut around? You are. Credit: @nia.scar


Editor’s tip: If you do decide to give your side undercut hairstyle a colourful upgrade, remember to invest in a good wash and care system, like the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner. This will help you maintain your dapper new shade for longer and keep your style looking on point.


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