6 fresh ways to style a short undercut hairstyle this autumn

Leona | 04 September 2017

Looking to update your current hairstyle? If so, why not consider a short undercut?


Are you looking for new ways to wear an undercut hairstyle? Then you’re in luck, as we’ve found 6 of the trendiest short undercut hairstyles that you can incorporate into your everyday look.

What makes undercut hairstyles so unique is that they work on all hair lengths and types, as well as being a neat way to spruce up an everyday style! Whatever your current look, whether it be the ever popular man bun or the hipster friendly bowl cut, you can double up on your style points this season by adding an undercut into the mix.

6 short undercut styles you need to consider


brown hair man bun with undercut looking down at phone
Give your man bun an upgrade with an undercut finish. Credit: Instagram.com/vucci92

1. Man bun

Are you already wearing your hair in a man bun but want a way to make the style your own? Why not opt for a short undercut like this Instagrammer.

With this ‘do you can either choose to show off your short undercut by piling your hair into a high top knot or letting your hair loose and keeping it your little secret. Pretty neat, eh? Credit: @vucci92

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pastel pink mushroom cut with undercut
Stand out by teaming your undercut with a fun hue. Credit: Instagram.com/bluetitlondon

2. Mushroom cut

Not only has this Instagrammer opted for one of the coolest and most daring haircuts around, a mushroom cut (AKA bowl cut), but he has gone one step further by colouring his strands a pastel pink shade, too.

This 3-in-1 hairdo ticks all the right boxes and is a surefire way to up your style game in an instant!  Credit: @bluetitlondon

brown curly high top undercut hairstyle
Put your curly hair in the spotlight with this cool undercut style. Credit: Instagram.com/jbrytemusic

3. Curly high top

Embrace those curls with this short undercut hairstyle. Keeping the top of the length high, the contrast between the short undercut and high top makes this looks even more eye-catching. Credit: @jbrytemusic

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blonde model with hair swept to the side showing undercut
Surfer hair with an edge. Credit: Instagram.com/kingshairstyle

4. Long hair

Thinking of chopping off your long hair? Why not take a cue from this Instagrammer and go for a short undercut style before you take the full plunge? If you happen not to like your new style, simple flip your long locks over to the side and no one will any wiser. Credit: @kingshairstyle

brown hair swept back with undercut finish
Sweep hair back for a suave finish. Credit: Instagram.com/haniarlind

5. Swept back

Are you thinking of trying out a short undercut but need a hairstyle that still remains smart? Then this hairstyle could be the look for you. Simply keep the centre swept back for a slick, dapper finish. Credit: @haniarlind

brown hair in bun with pattern undercut at nape of neck
Get creative with your undercut hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/qvrbarber87

6. Alternative undercut

While most undercut hairstyles are short on the back or sides, we think this short undercut at the nape of the neck makes a nice finishing touch to any hairstyle. After all, if you’re going to for a standout style, you might as well get creative with it! Credit: @qvrbarber87


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