How to style a textured quiff: A step-by-step guide

Arianna | 02 November 2016

Texture and tousle, here you come!

A textured quiff is one of the most stylish men’s hairstyles out there, especially considering the fact that it’s been spotted on the heads of numerous A-list celebrities, like Zayn Malik, Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson, to name but a few. But if you ask us, the best thing about this timeless ‘do is that it’s super easy to create at home, even if you’re a hair-styling newbie.

So, if you want to rock a textured quiff, have a look at our simple step-by-step tutorial below – you’ll be rocking effortlessly cool hair in no time!

How to style a textured quiff in 5 easy steps


Wash your hair.

Quiffs tend to look more textured when your hair is thicker. So, to fake your way to fuller-looking locks, wash and condition your hair with the TIGI Bed Head For Men Charge Up Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner.


Prep your hair.

Towel-dry your hair until it’s damp, then, spritz some Toni&Guy Mens Messy Salt Spray into your hair to help add texture and body. This clever spray will help to make your hair look windswept and give it that effortlessly undone texture.


Blow-dry your hair.

Using a hairdryer and a small round brush, blow-dry your hair. To shape your quiff and enhance those natural-looking textures, use your round brush to pull the quiff upwards and backwards.


Apply clay.

For an added boost of texture, scoop a small amount (approx. a 10 pence-sized amount) of the VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay into your hand, and warm it up between your palms. Then, rake your fingers through your quiff to evenly distribute the product.

Tip: For added texture and tousle, lightly twist the strands between your fingers to encourage them to stand in slightly different directions.


Final look.

And just as easy as that, your textured quiff is complete! You can thank us later.

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