5 Variations of the quiff hairstyle you should try now

All Things Hair | 30 June 2016

Time to take your quiff to new level of cool. 

The quiff hairstyle is a truly classic cut that will never go out of fashion. But like any iconic ‘do, it’s constantly being reinvented by experimental stylists and barbers alike, which means there’s always a growing number of variations you can choose from. Here are 5 of our favourite versions of the classic quiff hairstyle you should try right now.

5 Quiff hairstyle ideas


classic quiff hairstyles
The classic quiff. Credit: Dvora

The classic quiff

The classic quiff is always a safe choice if you want a neat look with a bit of an edge. To style it, start by applying some VO5 Extreme Style Groomed Grooming Pomade (£3.99*) to your damp hair. Next, blow-dry your hair in order to create plenty of height and volume. When you dry the front section of your hair, make sure you use a large bristle or round brush to create the iconic shape of the hairstyle.

Once you’re done, give it a once over with the Toni&Guy Flexible Hold Hairspray (£7.49*) for a bit of extra hold that’s still pliable and touchable.

long quiff hairstyle
The dramatic quiff.

The dramatic quiff

If you want more dramatic results, go for a pompadour-inspired quiff hairstyle that boasts even more height and volume. All you need to do is ask your barber to keep some extra length on top, while taking the back and sides a little shorter to create a more distinct contrast. This will allow you to experiment with different looks and textures when styling, too.

contemporary quiff hairstyle
The long quiff.

The long quiff

Looking for a slightly softer take on the classic ‘do? Then this longer version of the classic quiff could be right up your street. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile, and works well with most hair types and face shapes.

To get the look, ask your barber to retain plenty of the length on top and slightly longer back and sides. When it comes to styling, keep it neat for the office with VO5 Extreme Style Groomed Gel Wax (£3.99*)or go for a more casual, tousled look and use Toni&Guy Men’s Styling Putty (£6.99*) to help create some texture up top.

neo-quiff hairstyle ideas
The neo-quiff.

The neo-quiff

An homage to the ’50s, the neo-quiff has been on our radar for some time now. A slicker, more directional version of the classic quiff hairstyle, this look has been spotted on celebrities, like David Beckham and Zac Efron, as well as on many menswear catwalks around the world. To achieve this look, ask your barber for half an inch-long sides and enough length on top to allow the hairs to buckle.

To style it, begin by running some VO5 Extreme Grooming Pomade between your fingers, then work it through your damp hair. Next, bring all of your hair forward and, using both hands, push it back in a fast movement. Rather than making the front vertical, try styling it slightly off to one side, and push the tips of your hair backwards, using your fingertips to gently manipulate your quiff into place.

side part quiff hairstyle
Side-part quiff. Credit: Dvora

The side-part quiff

The side-part quiff is perfect for gents looking for a more grown-up version of the classic ‘do. Tell your barber that you want to wear your quiff hairstyle with a deep side parting, so he/she can cut your hair according to which side you want your quiff to sit, and keep plenty of length on top, while taking the back and sides short. If you’re trying to achieve an edgier look, this take on the cut can also be brought up to date with an undercut or tapered back and sides, too.

To style the look: towel-dry your hair, then spray some Toni&Guy Men’s Messy Salt Spray (£7.49*), concentrating mainly on the roots. Next, blow-dry your hair to add lift and volume at the roots, focusing on the fullest portion hair from the parting. When your hair is totally dry, work a small amount of VO5 Groomed Styling Wax through your hair to manipulate your quiff into place, using your hands.

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