12 of the most on-trend young men haircuts RN

Our edit of the young men haircuts buzzing around this season.

There was once a time when the only young men haircuts on offer were swoopy, boyband Bieber styles. But with so many different fades, pomps, quiffs, crops, knowing what to go for nowadays isn’t always so straightforward.

To make it all a bit easier for you, we’ve put together an essential edit of the coolest young men’s haircuts for 2018 in our gallery (above).

12 top young men haircuts and how to style them

black and white photo of a tattoed man with a textured french crop hairstyle
On trend and low-maintenance. Credit: Instagram.com/braidbarbers

1. Textured crop

Appreciate the ease of having shorter hair but still like to be able to play around with texture? The French crop has both those boxes ticked. With shorter sides and a longer length up top, the French crop means you can experiment with curls and messy tousled textures too. Credit: @braidbarbers

Editor’s tip: To add some texture into your look, warm some of the VO5 Matt Clay between your hands and working it through the top of your hair. This will instantly give your hair a natural-looking texture and hold.

smiling man wearing a denim jacket and plaid shirt with short hi top fade afro hair
Style your ‘fro to perfection. Credit: Instagram.com/jesta_king

2. High top fade

High top fades usually bring up 1990s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air vibes, however keeping the length relatively short will stop it from looking overly retro. Then again, looking like Will Smith isn’t the worst thing in the world. Credit: @jesta_king

man with dark brown floppy straight hair on top and a shaved undercut at the side
Add an edginess to sweeping styles with a bold undercut. Credit: Instagram.com/iconic.stylists

3. Undercut

If you generally like to wear your hair to the side but you’re looking for a way to change up your look, consider an undercut for 2018. It’ll freshen up your style, adding a punky vibe while still letting you keep some length – it’s the best of both worlds. Credit: @iconic.stylists

man with platinum blonde dyed spiky hair with a fade
Spiky hair reinvented. Credit: Instagram.com/nickkimberley

4. Spiky

Spiked-up styles have garnered a bit of a bad reputation over the years but a quick look at the image, above, shows that 2018’s reincarnation isn’t anywhere near as scary. More tousled and less crispy, aim for bedhead vibes and you’ll have nailed this look. Credit: @nickkimberley

Editor’s tip: For styles requiring lots of hold, we’d recommend trying out the TONI&GUY Styling Gum. Suitable for hair of all lengths, it creates the definition you need to mould your spikes and adds a healthy-looking shine to the hair, too.

side profile street style shot of a guy with short dreads wearing a denim shirt
Dreadlocks don’t always have to be long to make an impact. Credit: Instagram.com/studiometaphor

5. Short locs

Dreadlocks are a really versatile (albeit permanent!) black men’s hairstyle and can be worn in a number of different ways. Shorter styles like the one above and those worn by stars like Michael B. Jordan are proof that locs can come in more than one length. Credit: @studiometaphor

profile shot of a black male blogger with a short afro fade haircut wearing black sunglasses
Shape up your natural ‘fro with an understated fade. Credit: Instagram.com/tundeogun

6. High fade

Looking for styling options for short hair? As you can see here, even the shortest looks can benefit from a clean, yet subtle fade. Credit: @tundeogun

young man with dark brown hair styled in a long quiff with a low fade detail
Quiffs are a great statement-maker for guys with really straight hair. Credit: Instagram.com/batt_hair

7. Tall quiff

If you’re the kind of guy who likes your hair to be the focal point of your look, let us present to you the sky-high quiff. Quiffs are one of the most iconic young men haircuts of all time and a great way to add height and volume. Credit: @batt_hair

dark brown haired man with a pompadour bald fade haircut
Try this retro pomp on for size. Credit: Instagram.com/_barber_rulez_

8. Pomp bald fade

From one retro style to another, the pompadour is back with a twist for the new season. Maintaining the classic mound shape and slicked-back shine, it’s the bald skin fade which really brings this look into the 21st century. Credit: @_barber_rulez_

brown haired man with a medium length modern quiff hairstyle and light facial hair
2018’s take on the quiff is much more wearable. Credit: Instagram.com/imjesper

9. Modern quiff

We’ve already touched on the classic quiff but if you’re more reserved in your style, the modern quiff might be more your thing. With less height than it’s rockabilly counterpart, it’s an easier and wearable way to channel your inner Elvis. Credit: @imjesper

man with shaggy mushroom cut down brown hair wearing a blue tie dye shirt
This shaggy look has texture and style in abundance. Credit: Instagram.com/salondetogo

10. Modern mushroom

If this mushroom cut is giving you major curly envy, you’re not alone. This modern day take on the 1960s mop top (Beatles fans know what we mean), is a great casual style, and with more and more men getting perms to create curls, this shaggy look is ultra on-trend. Credit: @salondetogo

Editor’s tip: Designed for longer mid-long men’s hair, the VO5 Rework Texture Foam is great for adding messy texture and defining curls. Thanks to it’s aerated mousse formula, it’s also a great one to try if you’re concerned about flat or limp hair, as it makes your strands look fuller from the roots.

man with brown hair in a pompadour low fade style with a short beard wearing a green graphic tshirt with a black leather jacket
A low fade is the easiest (and most popular) way to clean up your look. Credit: Instagram.com/moscow_beautybar

11. Low fade

Looking for a style that’s professional and office-friendly? A low fade is something which can pretty much be incorporated into any look. Creating a contrast between your longer layers and the shaped areas above your earline, the low fade is one of the most popular young men haircuts ever. Credit: @moscow_beautybar

male model street styler with short dreads and a razor part fade standing in front of tower bridge in london
A razor faded side part is all you need to upgrade your style for summer. Credit: Instagram.com/iansangala

12. Razor part

Side parts and comb overs are another rising trend we’re seeing on IG, with the razor part and fade combo being one of the most popular. Just ask your barber to create a hard parting with a razor (like this Instagrammer, above) to add edginess to your style. Credit: @iansangala



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