TOWIE star Pete Wicks’ hair might change soon and we don’t know how to cope

We're investigating the situation of Pete Wicks' hair...  

TOWIE heartthrob Pete Wicks is arguably one of the most famous on-screen stars with long, flowing hair. And there’s no denying that he’s a gent who can pull off almost any hairstyle; having rocked a man bun, a mony (AKA man ponytail) and everything in between.

Recently though, the star ditched his pirate-esque long mane and rumour has it, his breakup with TOWIE co-star Megan McKenna has left him contemplating going even shorter (sobs!). Get all the details on Pete Wicks’ hair and see what we think on the matter, below.


The Only Way Is Essex star Pete Wicks wearing a white shirt with his long hair worn loose and in waves
Pete with his signature look.

Theory 1: He won’t go short

Though Pete Wicks might be thinking of reaching for the clippers, we’re not 100 percent sure he’ll go through with it. Pirate Pete’s long tresses have faced a lot of criticism in the past, and he hasn’t been afraid to defend his corner.

Pete is steadfast that long hair isn’t just for ladies and demonstrates what a great look it can be, styling it in many cool ways. His signature beachy waves (a la the pic above) is one faves looks and we reckon he will keep his mane lusciously lengthy. Credit: @p_wicks01

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The Only Way Is Essex star Pete Wicks wearing a denim shirt with his long hair worn loose and in waves
Will Pete Wicks choose short hair? Credit:

Theory 2: He will go short

Unfortunately, we also have reason to believe he will go shorter. The star will be turning 30 soon and shared to social media that he is worried he might end up looking like Lord of the Rings’ Gandalf. And what’s more, he shared the picture above to his Instagram account with the caption: “Fresh trim…✂️✂️”.

While we have to admit his new medium cut suits him, we can’t help but think that the temptation to go shorter is lingering in the background. With A-list gents like Jamie Dornan and Joe Jonas bringing back the buzz cut, the pressure could be overwhelming! Credit: @p_wicks01

Pete wicks hair in a buzz cut style
Pete Wicks with a buzz cut. Credit:

What he could possibly look like with a buzz cut

We can only imagine how heartbroken Pete’s army of fans would be if he got a buzz cut, but if it did happen, the throwback picture above gives us an inkling of what the TOWIE star could look like… Credit: @p_wicks01



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