The best new black men’s haircuts to try in 2018, according to Instagram

If you want to become a hair god this year, we'd suggest you give one of these looks a go.  

Are you a black gentleman looking to make the most out of your naturally thick and kinky hair in 2018? Well, if you’re ready and willing to take your grooming game to stylish new heights, you’ve definitely come to right place.

Below, we break down 5 Instagram-approved mane options for you to try this year and how to style them. You can thank us later…

close up shot of a black man with thot boy haircut, wearing red suit and holding a clutch
Forget the thot boy, try the thot man. Credit:

The thot man haircut

What is it? 

We’ve all heard of the thot boy haircut (AKA the the artistically undone curly high-top), but if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if the cut grew up, you need only look to this gentleman for style inspiration.

How to style it?

For those with a substantial amount of hair on top, you can sharpen up your coils by going a tad shorter and also paring the look with a subtle taper fade.

And since the focus on this black men’s hairstyle is all about showing off your coils, while also keeping them under control, you’ll need the Lynx Natural Look Flexible Control Cream. Just evenly apply a fingertip amount of product into your afro and you’ll be good to go. Credit: @a.c.mccormack

close up shot of man with razor faded side part buzz, wearing blue suit and posing
Now that’s what we call a sharp hairstyle! Credit:

The sharp side-part

What is it?

The black gentleman’s take on the classic side-part hairstyle, but with a fresh and sophisticated kick, of course!

What makes this short black hairstyle so great is that it encompasses both a buzz cut and a razored side-part, making it a style full of modern edge.

How to style it?

Since it’s so short, you won’t really have too. Yes, it’s a win-win situation and guaranteed to see you through the year in style. Credit: @_konsultant

close up shot of black man with box fade haircut, with clean beard, wearing a suit
The box fade is back. Credit:

The box fade + beard combo

What is it? 

Think of this as the cool cousin of the high-top fade. Why? Because it’s simple, sharp and generally favoured by black men looking to accentuate their facial features.

Psst…To really give this look a 2018 twist, why not work it with a goatee beard, like this gentleman has?

How to style it? 

If you’ve got a considerable amount of hair at the top, you can try incorporating some 360 waves into it to jazz it up. Want to know more? Then our ultimate guide to the 360 wave, here, has got your back. Credit: @thedapperbeast

close up shot of black man with geometric afro hairstyle with an undercut fade, wearing a red and yellow jumper, sitting in the park
It’s time for you to brush up on your geometry lessons. Credit:

The geometric shape up

What is it?

It’s big, bold, and completely in tone with the clean-lined aesthetics that’ll you be seeing everywhere in 2018. Just look at how this gent rocks it and then you’ll understand what we mean — pretty suave, no?

If you’re all about experimenting with fade variations, this artsy look will give you the freedom to pick and mix. So, how sharp will you go?

How to style it?

Use an afro comb to help create the fullness and height that this retro-meets-modern style calls for. Credit: @aneyx_

close up shot of two black twins with power afro hairstyle, wearing floral tops and sunglasses
Take it back to ’70s a power afro. Credit:

The power afro

What is it?

The nod to the ’70s you’ve been waiting for. It’s no secret that women are rocking their natural hair out and about (as they rightfully should), so now’s the perfect time for all you fine fellas to follow suit.

How to style it? 

To help stop your afro from drying out, and to bring out the best of your natural hair texture, apply a few pumps of the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment before you step out of the house. Credit: @kolantola


Want to know which black men’s hair trends made waves in 2017 and 2016? Keep on reading.

Top 3 black men’s haircuts of 2016 and 2017


close up shot of man with high top fade wearing sports clothing
Reach higher heights with this high-top fade. Credit:

High-top fade

If you put us on the spot and made us choose the black men’s haircut of 2016, then we would have to go with the high-top fade. This versatile ‘do really does give the best of both worlds, with its tall, showstopping texture on top, and neat high fade on the sides. The end result: a look with loads of contrast and a high-impact finish! Credit: @hisbehindthelens


close up shot of black man with south of france haircut, wearing an army jacket and a necklace
Wouldn’t you like to go to the South of France? Credit:

The South of France

Back in the day, it was pop star Usher who first put the South of France cut on the hair map – and we can certainly see why. Inspired by punk-rock mohawks, this party-on-top hairstyles is also know by another name: the gentleman’s mohawk. While the subtle shape of this haircut makes the contrast almost undetectable from the front, from side, it’s a completely different story, with its unmistakable trademark burst fadeCredit: @ericlloyd26

Editor’s tip: To help stop your afro from drying out, and to bring out the best of your natural hair texture, apply a few pumps of the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment, before you step out of the house.

close up shot of a black man with a caesar haircut, wearing sports clothing and in a car
All hail the Caesar cut. Credit:

Caesar cut

Although the Caesar cut has been a favourite with black men for quite some time now, that hasn’t stopped it from being a huge hit once again for 2016! Ticking all the right hair boxes, you can’t put a foot wrong with this style, thanks to its 360 waves and overall neat aesthetic. It really is nothing short of dapper! Credit: @kennymann2010

Still not had enough styling inspiration for your natural mane? Then to make the most out of your hair, head on over to our Black Men’s Hairstyles page, for loads of the coolest cuts and expert tips.