Style update: Top 5 men’s hairstyles for 2016

All Things Hair | 26 May 2016

Looking for a cool, stylish and on-trend new look to impress this year?

There’s nothing better than a new haircut to give your signature look an on-trend twist. But with so many new styles out there, it can be difficult to know what’s hot – and what’s not. So to help you figure out which looks are worth trying out this year, check out our top 5 men’s hairstyles 2016, below.

The 5 best men’s hairstyles 2016


best men's hairstyles 2016 medium length hair
The new in between hair length. Credit:

1. Men’s hairstyles 2016: Medium to long hair

With the fashion world’s current obsession with styles coming from the ’70s and the ’90s, it’s not surprising that longer hair is a pretty trendy look for men this year – and did we mention that it’s also great for achieving the perfect man bun? Getting this hairstyle is pretty easy. If you have short hair, you’ll need to start by growing it out (remember to work in regular trims to keep it in tip-top condition ), but once you’ve got enough length, ask your barber to add a few layers to enhance the shape of your new mane.

When you’re styling this look, remember that less is more (trust us, you don’t want to experiment with extreme styling!). So keep it simple with a few spritzes of the Toni&Guy Men’s Messy Salt Spray (£7.49*) to add texture and movement.

best men's hairstyles 2016 Asian mens swoop hair
The swoop. Credit:

2. Men’s hairstyles 2016: The swoop

Thrust into the limelight by Justin Bieber when he sported an extreme version of the look, it’s no wonder the swoop has become one of the most popular men’s hairstyles this year. A fresh take on classic “curtains” from the ’90s (don’t pretend you don’t know this look!), the swoop is softer, edgier and more versatile.

To achieve this cut, ask your barber to keep your hair fairly short around the back and sides, and to leave plenty of length on top. When you’re styling the look, brush it back and just, well, swoop! This style is incredibly versatile, so you can do this either backwards or to the side. You can even add a top knot if you feel like it!

best men's hairstyles 2016 wet look hair
Wet look hair. Credit:

3. Men’s hairstyles 2016: Wet look

Bear with us on this one: we promise it’s not as scary as it sounds! Spotted at pretty much every key autumn/winter 2015 fashion show, this ’90s-inspired hairstyle is becoming big news for 2016. The perfect addition to your best retro ensembles, this contemporary wet look is not severe and slicked-back. More about the casual and tousled finish than anything else, it works well with just about any haircut, although it’s best to have at least some length on top.

To achieve it, start by rubbing some VO5 Extreme Styling Groomed Grooming Pomade (£3.99*) into damp hair, using your fingers to shape it for a soft finish.

best men's hairstyles 2016 dark brown hair with sleek side parting
Part your hair to the side. Credit:

4. Men’s hairstyles 2016: Side parting

A cool and contemporary look inspired by one of the best decades ever (the swinging ’60s), the slick side part is perfect for men with thick hair and can be adapted to suit any face shape. To enhance the look, ask your stylist for a faded, deep side parting, slightly undercut on one side and more structured on the other.

Editor’s tip: getting the right product is crucial if you want to pull this look off, so invest in a good strong-hold hair pomade (like the VO5 Grooming Pomade) or mousse.

best men's hairstyles 2016 naturally curly and textured hair
Celebrate your natural hair texture. Credit:

5. Men’s hairstyles 2016: Natural texture

This one was a big look on the spring/summer 2016 runways. The perfect everyday hairstyle, this naturally-textured look is simple, casual and ultra effective. Although it can be achieved by anyone, it works best on gents who already have natural texture or body in their hair.

To get the look, ask your barber to cut some layers to help enhance your natural volume and texture (and the more you have naturally, the less styling you’ll have to do!). Then, to style your new textured look, simply work some VO5 Extreme Style TextureRework Putty (£3.99*) into damp hair before using your hair dryer to dry it. Remember to tease your locks gently with your fingers to help define those natural waves as you go along. Easy, right?

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