Thinning hair? Men learn how to rock the stylish comb-over at NYFW

Who knew the comb-over could look this good?  

We know that finding stylish hairstyles isn’t always the most straightforward of tasks, especially if you have thinning hair. Men trying to cover up their hair loss have frequently turned to the classic comb-over for sanctuary – but if executed incorrectly, it can look dated and just plain wrong (ahem, Donald Trump!).

However, at New York Fashion Week, we spotted many men rocking the comb-over and doing it impeccably well, too. Want to know how to master this hairstyle so your mane looks cool, as well as thick? Then scroll down to see how to rock this look like a pro.

man looking to the side wearing an all denim outfit with patterns on it and sunglasses with his dark brown hair styled into a classic comb over
Thinning hair? Men, remember to prep your hair before styling. Credit:

Preparation is everything

Before you start your comb-over, make sure that your hair is ready for styling! By choosing a wash and care system that is specifically designed for those with thinner hair, you’ll ensure you can make the most of your mane in the next steps.

You can do this by washing your mane with the TIGI Bed Head For Men Charge Up Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

This wash and care duo is specially formulated to help you pump up the volume while cleansing to create the appearance of fullness and body in your tresses.

Blowdry your hair like a pro


Making the hair look fuller is a lot easier than guys think. Using mousses, like the VO5 Thickening Gel Foam with a hairdryer will help to create volume and hold, and once dried it doesn’t look like you’ve got anything in your hair – Unilever creative director and head stylist Dan Lynes.

Once your hair is nice and clean, it’s time to apply some VO5 Thickening Gel Foam to your hair. Dispense a small amount (roughly, the size of a marble) and rub the product into your hands, before evenly applying to your hair.

Then, grab your hair dryer and blowdry your mane. This will help create lift, make your hair appear thicker and (the best part) look practically product-free when blow dried! Smart, right?

man looking down wearing an all denim outfit with patterns on it and sunglasses with his dark brown hair styled into a classic comb over
Doesn’t this ‘do look dapper? Credit:

Creating your comb-over

Okay, now you’re ready for the final touches that will make your mane a looking full and on point! Here you need to begin by creating a deep side-parting using the tip of your comb. Your parting should be at the point where your hairline peaks.

Then take a fingertip’s worth amount of the VO5 Lifting Paste in the palms of your hands and rub vigorously, so that they’re fully coated. Then apply to your comb-over, gently raking your hair with your comb to create a sleek appearance.

And that’s it, you’re dapper ‘do is done!