Taylor Lautner has lavender hair! Is this a new hair colour trend for men?

Check out Lautner's cool new lavender locks!   

Yes, your eyes have not deceived you: Taylor Lautner has lavender hair! Now, before you get too excited, we feel that it’s our duty to warn you that we’re not completely sure if this dye job is permanent. In fact, word has it, that Launter’s purple locks could be part of his role on Fox’s TV series Scream Queens. If this is the case, then his daring new purple hue could go as quickly as it came!

Permanent or not, we think you’d all be very interested in taking a sneak peek at the stars bold new look. So, keep scrolling and prepare to be shocked and amazed!

Taylor Lautner taking a selfie wearing a grey tshirt and khaki trousers with his dyed a lavender purple colour
Taylor Lautner has Lavender hair! Credit: Instagram.com/taylorlautner

The Twilight actor shocked his adoring fans earlier this week by posting a pic of the new ‘Taylor Lautner lavender hair’ on Instagram. He captioned the image saying: ‘Set life can be slowwwwww’, from the location of Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood. So, we can only assume that Lautner was just chilling in his trailer when he decided to reveal his new ‘do.

Ever since Lautner debuted his bold look, the rumour mill has been turning – with some even suggesting that the new lavender locks could also be a sly Photoshop job (he wouldn’t try to trick us, would he?).

Either way, we have to say that we love all the new men’s hair colours we’ve seen recently (James Franco’s multi-coloured hair and Aaron Ramsey’s silver hair to name but a few!). But could the ‘Taylor Lautner lavender hair’ be a new hair trend for men? Well, that has yet to be seen. Credit: @taylorlautner

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