Side sweep hair how-to: For those days when you want to look a little more put together

Usually keep things casual when it comes to your hair? Show everyone you can scrub up like the best of them with this sophisticated side sweep style.  

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Are you the kind of guy who religiously sports the same hairstyle day in, day out? Now, we love casual hairstyles as much as the next person but sometimes you just want to step your look up a notch and go for something a bit smarter. And that’s where the side sweep comes in to play.

Even if you’re the king of scruffy styles, with just a comb and a little wax you’ll be living your best life in style with this sophisticated, side-swept style. So, to find out how to get a 007-worthy do, just keep on scrolling.

Style a side sweep in 4 simple steps


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To create this side sweep style, all you need is a comb and some styling wax. Credit:

Step 1: Prep

This look works best on freshly-washed hair, so start by washing your hair as you usually would using your favourite shampoo and roughly towel dry.

Then, use a comb to comb through your hair to make sure it’s neat, knot-free and ready for styling.

Step 2: Apply wax

The key to nailing side sweep hair is that there’s not a hair out of place and the VO5 Styling Wax will help make hair dreams a reality. It helps to shape and hold it in place all day long but doesn’t have that annoying crunchy feel some hair products can have.

Oh, and it’s easy to wash out too, so you don’t have to worry.

Taking a small amount of the wax, warm it between your palms and run through your hair, making sure it’s evenly distributed throughout your hair from root to tip for an even finish. This product can actually be used on both wet and dry hair, so it’s up to you to decide what works best for your hair type.

Step 3: Style

To give your side sweep a dapper touch, use a comb to create a side parting. Then use your comb to smooth down the hair on either side of your parting to position it into place.

Editor’s tip: For an edgier look, be daring and try a deeper side part.

Step 4: Final look

For a sharp-looking side sweep, use your hands to smooth down flyaways and add a little extra wax for any stubborn stray hairs.


Now that you’re a side sweep expert, why not head over to our Men’s Short Hairstyles page now to discover even more new styles to play around with? Boring hair will soon be a thing of the past!

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