PSA: Ryan Gosling has just debuted what will be your next haircut

Leona | 15 December 2017
front view of Ryan Gosling with brown taper haircut

Make space for your new hair idol… 


We think you will agree that Ryan Gosling is quite an enigma. He isn’t one for social media which means we very rarely get a glimpse into his life, but there is no doubt that Mr Gosling is quite an icon for you gents.

From acting roles in the award-winning musical La La Land to the cinematic spectacle Blade Runner 2049, Ryan Gosling is what we would call Hollywood elite. All eyes turn to him whenever he hits the red carpet, with many flocking to replicate his look.

So when we spotted the first glimpse of Ryan on his latest movie project First Man, we instantly noticed perhaps the most striking haircut Ryan has ever worn. See what all the fuss is about by simply scrolling.

Ryan Gosling’s new buzzcut is out of this world


ryan gosling on set of movie with dark blonde buzzcut hair
Strange(r) Things are happening to Ryan Gosling’s hair. Credit:

Joining the likes of Liam Payne and the Jonas brothers, Ryan Gosling is the latest male celeb to opt for a rugged buzzcut (which proves its cult status for 2018 in our books). Credit: @lalalandfansoftheworld

In the first on-set glimpse of Ryan Gosling in his new role as astronaut Neil Armstrong in the biopic First Man, Ryan is wrapped up in a dressing gown and set of pyjamas. Now, as much as that could distract us, our eyes can’t seem to look away from his new shorter style.

While this isn’t the first time we have ever seen Ryan with a buzzcut (he also wore a closely shaved style back in 2005), he usually stays true to his polished taper cut. So only time will tell whether he will go back to his staple look after filming, but for now, we have to say we are buzz-ing over his new look.


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