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Have you seen the Pewdiepie hair transformation? He’s got platinum hair!

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Ice, ice baby!

Youtube star Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as Pewdiepie to his fans, has done something drastic to his hair colour. Fans of the Swedish video game commentator will know that this is not his first time dabbling in different hair colours. Over the years, he’s rocked blue, pink and green hair, and now he’s sporting platinum blonde hair! We always knew that this hue would be a hot-to-trot colour this year, so when photos of the Pewdiepie hair transformation surfaced, showing the star with dapper icy locks, we were pleasantly surprised! If you haven’t had a a chance to see his new dramatic shade, scroll down below to check it out.

Pewdiepie hair transformation: The icy shade you need to see


pewdie hair white blonde hair with fringe
The Pewdiepie hair transformation that’s got everyone talking. Credit:

The YouTube personality shared his dramatic new look to Twitter first, and then on Instagram. As you can see, his trademark brown hair has been dyed a cool shade of blonde, and he’s also swept his choppy fringe to the side. What’s interesting is that he’s kept his beard and brows a darker shade, which makes his new runway-worthy hue stand out even more. Credit: @pewdiepie

Going platinum is a strong look, which probably explains why very few men dare to do it. But, we think that Pewdiepie pulls off the colour perfectly! Plus, he’s in good company, because A-list stars such as Daniel Craig, Justin Bieber and model-of-the-moment, Lucky Blue Smith have also coveted this bright hair colour.


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09 February 2017