Breaking hair news: Neymar has a blonde mane!

The footballer celebrates with gold, with gold (hair).  

It seems like Lionel Messi isn’t the only celebrity/ footballer to jump on the platinum hair colour bandwagon, because now Neymar has blonde hair, too! But what caused the Brazilian superstar footballer to dye his short brown crop? Well, it seems that Neymar has decided to go for gold (or should we say, golden hair?) after Brazil’s win against Germany in the Rio football finals.

So, read on below and find out all about the gold medallist’s new look!

footballer Neymar with blonde hair at the Rio celebration with his teammate holding medals
Neymar celebrating with Bruno Rezende. Credit:

Last night, the Brazilian footballer posted a quirky GIF on Instagram, giving his fans a sneak peek of his newly dyed hair. In the GIF, we spotted tufts of Neymar’s newly blonde hair poking through the opening of his baseball cap as he poses next to Brazilian volleyball player Bruno Rezende. The 2 countrymen happily stand side-by-side, proudly showing off their gold medals.

However, it’s not the first time that Neymar has dyed his hair blonde. He previously sported golden locks just a couple of years ago, not to mention he’s also dyed his beard blonde (yes, really!) to do his best Santa Claus impression back in 2014.

So, we have to say, that we’re not wholly surprised that he decided to back to blonde to celebrate winning a gold medal in his home country. Credit@neymarjr