Aaron Ramsey’s new silver hair’s got everyone talking

Jeanette | 23 August 2016

The Arsenal footballer takes the grey hair trend to the next level. 

Footballers seem to be on a bit of roll – well, at least hair-wise. First, it started with Lionel Messi’s bleach blonde locks, then Neymar surprised us with his blinding platinum hair, and now we’re on Aaron Ramsey hair alert, as the footballer has caught the attention of the All Things Hair team with his new silver hair colour!

The Aaron Ramsey hair transformation: Silver sophistication


Aaron Ramsey hair: silver and lines cut in
Aaron Ramsey hair: The ‘silver lining’ Credit: Instagram.com/aaronramsey

The Arsenal footballer debuted his new silver hair colour and shaved lines to his followers via Instagram late last night, showing off it off with a side portrait. Aaron Ramsey’s hair transformed from a bright blonde to a sophisticated silver hue, plus he’s paired with a statement shaved design (AKA a hair tattoo) featuring clean lines and soft fades. Credit: @aaronramsey

But the main reason we love Aaron Ramsey’s hair so much is because it taps into two key hair trends (grey hair and hair tattoos) at once. So, we have to applaud the Welshman for his wise combination of hair trends and smart execution!

We’ve already seen grey ombre (or grombre) take hold for women’s hair, but perhaps this trend will further evolve into men’s hair? Either way, we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of this surprise colour trend, we’re just curious as to what Ramsey will do next with his hair!

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