How to avoid messy hair when wearing a beanie hat

Avoid the wrath of hat hair!  

Let’s face facts: it’s almost impossible to avoid messy hair when rocking a beanie hat. This is an age-old problem that many men have to deal with during the chilly winter months, and more often than not, they simply suffer in silence.

Now, while donning a beanie is a fashion-forward way to keep your head warm, it isn’t so kind to your mane – as soon as you whip it off, it can leave you with a serious case of hat hair!

But fret no more, guys, because we’re here to help: we’ve rounded up 6 handy hair tips that will make messy hat hair a thing of the past. So, keep reading and find out what they are, below…

Our top tips to avoiding messy hair when you wear a beanie hat

Ashton Kutcher on the red carpet wearing a grey suit and tie with a beanie hat on and neat facial hair
A beanie is Ashton Kutcher’s staple style. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Tip #1: Always apply a beanie hat to dry hair

Avoid wearing a beanie hat on damp or wet tresses, as this will ultimately dictate how your hair looks when it’s dry. And trust us: a beanie hat on a damp mane only ever results in crazy, matted, bedhead hair – thanks, but that’s not the look we signed up for!

Tip #2: Create a disheveled look

If you don’t want to change up your haircut or length, then there is another option: create an intentionally dishevelled look, so that your post-beanie hat hair doesn’t look out of place!

To achieve a laid-back hairstyle that has an undone feel, run some of the VO5 Gel Wax through your mane, twisting your strands in opposite directions as you go. Trust us: nobody will ever know that you’ve worn a beanie hat all day!

Idris Elba wearing a black blazer with a light blue shirt and a necklace with a green beanie hat on his head
Idris Elba keeps his buzzed head warm. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Tip #3: Opt for an ultra short haircut

One sure-fire way to ensure that your beanie hat doesn’t leave you with messy hair, is to cut your strands uber short! Take a cue from British actor Idris Elba, who has long been a fan of the stylish buzz cut.

This may sound counter-intuitive for the winter season, but keeping your hair short will help you to avoid the woes of hat hair, by eliminating the need to restyle your mane after removing your beanie!

Johnny Depp wearing a coat and scarf outside with blue tinted sunglasses and a black ribbed beanie hat
Johnny Depp knows how to rock long locks with a beanie. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Tip #4: Or go for a long one!

On the flip side, however, you can rest assured that there’s also a longer length that you can flaunt to avoid hat hair. If you have shoulder-length hair or longer, your hair is less likely to move around under your hat.

Plus, you have the added bonus of being able to tie your strands into a low man bun, before putting on your hat – now you never have to compromise on your style again!

Jared Padalecki on the red carpet at comic con wearing a grey check shirt and a beanie hat
Jared Padalecki even rocks it on the red carpet. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Tip #5: Wear a loose-fitting beanie hat

When choosing which beanie hat to wear, it’s best to wear one that’s loose-fitting, so that it causes minimal friction and is more gentle on your hair. But the good thing is, that these universally appealing accessories come in a wealth of different styles, so you certainly won’t be short of choices this winter!

Tip #6: Style your mane on-the-go

If you know that you’re going to be wearing a beanie hat, then why not plan one step ahead and anticipate the messy hair consequences?

We recommend packing the TONI&GUY Men’s Styling Gum into your bag, so that you can apply it as and when you need to restyle those pesky flyaways.




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