Men’s hairstyles 2016: The 5 most loved ‘dos of the year

See the most dapper 'dos of 2016!  

With the year coming to a close (can you believe it’s almost December?!), it’s only natural that we do a round-up of men’s hairstyles for 2016. So ahead we’ve put together an curated list of the best loved and most dapper ‘dos of the year. Want to see what made our edit? Then just keep scrolling to discover the best men’s hairstyles 2016, now.

5 of the best men’s hairstyles: 2016


man with dark hair and a beard with a man bun hairstyle wearing a suit
The man bun is still going strong.

The man bun

Love or hate it, you can’t deny that 2016 has unofficially been the year of the man bun. This surprisingly versatile hairstyle has been a firm favourite with men with longer locks.

Want to jump on the man bun bandwagon? Then don’t forget to check out our Man Bun page for plenty of tips, how-tos and easy-to-follow tutorials.

man with dark hair worn in a combover style wearing ripped jeans and sunglasses
The combover is cool and classic for all occasions. Credit:

The comb-over

When it comes to stylish hairstyles for thinning hair, it doesn’t get any better than the comb-over. Trust us, if executed properly it’s the perfect do for covering up hair loss.

If you want to know how to master this hairstyle so that your hair looks thick, full and dapper, check out how to rock this hairstyle like some of the planet’s most fashionable men, here!

man with natural black hair in an afro style wearing all black clothing
Natural hair, don’t care! Credit: Dvora

Natural hair, don’t care

For black men, 2016 has been all about embracing your natural texture, regardless of whether you have curly, coily or kinky hair! Just wear your fierce ‘fro big and proud!

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man with medium length blonde hair worn loose wearing a black tee shirt and denim shorts
Medium-length hair is an easy, low maintenance style. Credit:

Medium-length hair

The idea of long hair or a man bun a little too much for you? That’s probably why medium-length locks were all the rage this year for men. It’s the perfect compromise if you’re not keen on super short or super long hair, plus it has the added benefit of looking relaxed and dapper. Result!

man with dark brown hair worn in a textured quiff hairstyle wearing a spotted shirt
Update your quiff with some texture for a modern look.

Textured quiff

This versatile hairstyle has been a winning short ‘do this year and it’s clear to see why. Want a modern look? Style your quiff with texture for a contemporary take! Feeling retro vibes? Slick it down to the side! Easy-peasy, eh?

So, did some of your favourite men’s hairstyles 2016 make the list? We hope so!

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