Men’s haircut styles + moustaches to rock for Movember

Time to embrace the 'tache.  

Right guys, it’s that time of year again, where you need to put the razor down and grow out that facial fuzz! Yep, that’s right: it’s Movember (AKA No Shave November!), the period where people grow their moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

If you’re planning on growing a moustache this month, we bet you’re looking for trendy men’s haircut styles to suit it, too! Well, just like magic, we come up with 5 stylish hairdo ideas to help inspire your new look.

Simply read on and discover this Movember’s hottest ‘dos, below.

man on the street wearing a v neck top with a full beard and a pompadour quiff hairstyle in his dark brown hair
The pompadour will keep things classy. Credit: Dvora

The pompadour

Ah, the beloved pompadour. Not only is it one of the trendiest men’s haircut styles for 2016 (that can be worked in a number of different ways), but it’s also the ideal style for guys with thick hair.

And what’s more, it looks totally cool when paired with a luscious ‘tache!

Editor’s tip: Use a hairdryer and some TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax to help volumise your pomp and give it that lovely shape.

man on the street wearing a denim top over a pink shirt wearing glasses with his dark brown hair worn in an undercut with a slicked back top
Go for contrast with the undercut slick-back ‘do. Credit: Dvora

The undercut slick-back

If you’re planning on growing both a beard and a moustache for Movember, you may want to give your head of hair a sleeker finish to help avoid any caveman mane associations.

Editor’s tip: We suggest opting for a close-shaved undercut, with medium-length hair on top, and creating a slicked-back finish with some VO5 Gel Wax. Your beard may be messy, but your ‘do will be groomed to perfection!

Men's haircut styles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - afro Movember hairstyles
What’s better than a rounded ‘fro? A rounded ‘fro with a beard. Credit: Dvora

The afro

When paired with a voluminous afro, a defined beard and moustache can help to enhance your natural features. Simply ask your barber to create a neat, precise moustache that joins to meet your beard, and get your afro tapered, so that it’s slightly higher on top.

Remember: this look is all about creating a contrast with the clean lines of your beard, and the rounded look of your ‘fro!

Men's haircut styles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man bun top knot Movember beard
Go full viking with a beard with a top knot. Credit: Dvora

The top knot

Let’s face it, the man bun has been one of the most favoured men’s hairstyles of the year – and it shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon! So, for those of you growing out a thick beard, what better way to complement your hipster-worthy facial hair than to tie your mane into an effortlessly cool top knot?

And don’t worry fellas, if you don’t know how to tie a man bun, we’ve got you covered with this easy step-by-step tutorial! You’re welcome.

man wearing a blue shirt with the top two buttons open with a short crop haircut and facial hair
For a work day look try the short crop with your fresh facial fuzz. Credit: Dvora

The classic short crop

Fact: stubble counts towards Movember, too. For a cleaner and more business-appropriate look, keep your beard and moustache trimmed short, and ask your barber to cut in a short crop to boot.

Editor’s tip: You’ll also be pleased to know that this hairstyle requires minimal styling effort in the mornings. Simply rake some TIGI Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax into your hair, and you’re good to go!