Men’s hair trends from the streets of Florence: Pitti Uomo SS17

What's hot in hair according to the world's most stylish men...   

Looking for new men’s hair trends for your next trip to the barber? Luckily, the fashionable Pitti Uomo spring/summer 2017 – which came to a close last week – was awash with lots of elegant gentlemen sporting plenty of cool hairstyles.

And fortunately for you, we’ve pulled together the top 5 looks from the streets of Florence to help inspire your next ‘do. Just click through our gallery, or scroll down to discover the most dapper men in Italy.

man leaning against a wall wearing a denim jacket off one shoulder and a grey tshirt and sunglasses with his salt and pepper grey hair worn slicked back
Slicked-back salt and pepper. Credit:

Slick salt and pepper hair

Nothing says ‘gentleman’ like a slicked-back hairstyle. If you have thinning locks, draw inspiration from this dapper gent, and slick your mid-length hair back.

We know it might be tempting to cut your hair short if it’s fine or thinning, but by keeping a little length, you can disguise any patchy areas.

Editor’s tip: When styling thinning hair, why not try using a hairdryer and a paste, like the VO5 Lifting Paste? It’ll help provide lift and body for a fuller look, while giving your hair a natural-looking finish.

man on the street wearing a blue outfit and dark sunglasses with his dark brown hair styled into a classic fade
The classic cut. Credit:

The classic cut

It’s time to start doing your best impressions of Chris Noth and George Clooney. If you’re looking for a practical new ‘do, this timeless haircut that exudes class and coolness doesn’t require much styling!

Comb over hairstyles: How to style the look.

Editor’s tip: For a casual look, apply some hair mousse (like the VO5 Thickening Gel Foam) to your hair, and blow-dry for a full, ‘product-less’ finish.

For a more formal style, however, try a deep side parting, and apply some styling wax before combing – we promise it’ll instantly take your hair from relaxed to groomed.

man leaning against a wall wearing a grey suit and white shirt with sunglasses and holding a leather clutch with his white hair and beard neatly styled
Grey dreadlocks. Credit:


Thought dreadlocks weren’t very versatile or practical? Think again. Although dreads initially take some time and patience, once your hair is ‘locked’, it’s quite low-maintenance. This dapper gentleman above is proof that it’s a cool look for men, no matter their age or hair colour!

Hair lesson: Dreadlocks and their history.

man on the street wearing a navy cardigan and a blue shirt wearing sunglasses with his dark brown hair styled into a quiff
The contemporary quiff. Credit:

Gentleman’s quiff

Cool, contemporary and grown-up, the gentleman’s quiff is the perfect hairstyle for men who want a look that’s somewhere between modern and retro. And curly-haired men can rejoice, as it also works really well on thick and curly hair types!

Editor’s tip: Just evenly apply some TIGI Bed Head Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade to help provide control and promote that sleek, glossy finish.

man on the street wearing a blue outfit with flowers and beads with his grey hair slicked back and a big beard and moustache
The bold beard. Credit:

The bold beard

Ok, you got us: this isn’t actually a hairstyle, but we just couldn’t resist this bold beard. Growing a statement beard is perfect for men who want to distract everyone’s attention from their head, which is great if you have thinning locks or are balding.

Just take a leaf out of this guy’s book, and be daring with your facial hair!