Men’s hair colour: The celebrities braving new hues

Arianna | 11 August 2016

See the celebrities braving some hot new hues – and get inspired.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen an influx of male celebrities who’ve taken the plunge and made some seriously cool hair colour choices (Brooklyn Beckham, we’re looking at you!). While some have opted for more subtle shades, others have let loose and gone for some really bold hues! So whether you’re after a dramatic new look or a more discreet hairstyle refresh, we’ve rounded up some pretty cool men’s hair colour inspiration to help persuade you to change it up a little (or a lot!). Read on to see how our favourite celebs are donning this summer’s hottest hues.

Men’s hair colour: Celebrities who are switching up their look


Men's hair colour: James Franco multi-coloured hair
Men’s hair colour: James Franco. Credit:

Men’s hair colour: James Franco

Breaking news: actor James Franco has multi-coloured hair, we repeat: James Franco has multi-coloured hair! Well, it’s most likely a wig, but still, The Interview star has sherbet-coloured, long, ombre hair – and we love it! Franco is always mixing things up on social media and this time is no exception.

The actor and filmmaker posted the above picture on Instagram, which could be a teaser that he’s featuring on rapper Riff Raff’s upcoming music video. If the rumours are true, then we can’t wait to see his multi-coloured mane in full! Credit: @jamesfrancotv

Men's hair colour: ryan lochte grey silver hair
Men’s hair colour: Ryan Lochte. Credit:

Ryan Lochte

American athlete Ryan Lochte isn’t just making headlines for his swimming performances: his newly dyed hair is also making waves (this time, out of the pool). He may have just won gold, but for us, Lochte is winning it with his new silver locks (which is clearly more important). His bright new hue is a far cry from his natural brown mane, and we have to say, we’re totally feeling his silvery blue look. Credit: @ryanlochte

Men's hair colour: brooklyn beckham blonde
Men’s hair colour: Brooklyn Beckham. Credit:

Men’s hair colour: Brooklyn Beckham

Like father, like son. Brooklyn Beckham has followed in the footsteps of his dad David Beckham (once renowned for changing up his hair every other week!) and opted to pepper some blonde highlights into his medium-length mane. Maybe he drew inspiration from his blonde bombshell girlfriend Chloe Grace Moretz? Either way, we can’t wait to see what he might do next with his gorgeous hair! Credit: @brooklynbeckham

Men's hair colour: lionel messi mens blonde hair colour
Men’s hair colour: Lionel Messi. Credit:

Men’s hair colour: Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is another celebrity who appears to be favouring blonde hair right now (and we don’t blame him: the colour is super hot this summer for men and women). He even manages to mix in two major trends with one style change: bleach blonde hair and creating a colour contrast with his brown beard! Now, that’s what we call clever styling.  Credit: @leomessi

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