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Men’s hair 2016: The best fringe haircuts of the year

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Have you tried one of the hottest looks of the year?

Since we’re nearing the end of the year, we’ve decided to treat you to a men’s hair 2016 round-up, featuring the most stylish fringe cuts that have crossed our style radar! While there have been a whole host of looks that have grabbed our attention – from choppy fringes to side-swept bangs – we’ve managed to whittle it down to our favourite 4 styles. Ready to find out what they are? Then you better keep on scrolling…

Men’s hair 2016: Stylish fringe haircuts we love


mens hair 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - brown hair flicked up fringe
Men’s hair 2016: The best fringe haircuts of the year. Swept up fringe. Credit:

Swept up, messy fringe

A swept up, messy fringe provides a laid-back hairstyle that has an undone, #WokeUpLikeThis aesthetic – making it perfect for guys who aren’t hair-styling pros! You also don’t need to worry about your hair not looking perfect – simply run some VO5 Extreme Style Groomed Gel Wax through your fringe, twisting your strands in opposite directions as you go. Trust us, you’ll have a casual, bed head-inspired fringe in no time!

mens hair 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - side fringe brown hair
Men’s hair 2016: The best fringe haircuts of the year. Side fringe. Credit:

Side fringe

As well as being a popular hairstyle choice with male bloggers, we’ve also seen a whole host of A-list stars (like Zac Efron and Logan Lerman) rock a side fringe the past few seasons. Aside from the fact that this stylish ‘do is super low maintenance, one of the main reasons it has become so popular, is that it suits a wide range of face shapes: helping to soften square faces and shorten longer face types. Now that is one clever haircut!

mens hair 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - platinum blonde curled fringe
Men’s hair 2016: The best fringe haircuts of the year. Curled fringe. Credit:

Curled, side-swept fringe

We don’t know about you, but this vintage-inspired curly fringe reminds us of the hairstyles rocked in the iconic 1970s film, Grease. Styling his platinum blonde mane into a voluminous, sweeping finish, while ensuring his fringe remains the centre of attention, Lucky Blue Smith really know how to work a playful curl. And if your blessed with having a natural wave or kink to your hair, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can pull off this look with ease.

mens hair 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - blonde choppy fringe
Men’s hair 2016: The best fringe haircuts of the year. Choppy fringe. Credit:

Choppy fringe

Not all fringes have to be soft and sweeping, don’t you know? If you’re after a more grungy look, try opting for layered, choppy bangs, for a slightly edgier way to work a fringe cut. Whether you have all of your bangs brushed to one side, or arranged it so that your layers fall straight over your forehead, this unconventional style is actually incredibly versatile!

Editor’s tip: To separate your layers and make them appear more choppy, spray some Toni&Guy Men’s Messy Salt Spray into your hair, before styling. This will help to add a small amount of volume, as well as a roughed-up texture!


So, now that you know which fringe cuts have been hot-to-trot for 2016, we bet that you’re thinking about which style you should be rocking in the new year, right? In that case, you need to check out our top predictions for the biggest hair trends of 2017.

12 December 2016