The Matt Damon man bun: How did he grow it in under a month?

Magic or hair extensions?  

You’ve probably seen (or at least heard of) the Matt Damon man bun, considering the fact that it’s been making headlines all week. And while we must admit, it’s a pretty decent man bun, the real question that’s been playing on our minds is: how on earth did he manage to grow it in just under a month? All Things Hair investigates…

image of matt damon sat down holding a microphone with his long brown hair worn in a low man bun
Is the Matt Damon man bun for real? Credit: Getty Images

August: Matt Damon flaunts a man bun

Here’s Matt Damon attending the premiere of his new film Jason Bourne 5 a few days ago on August 16th.

If you ask us, his man bun is looking rather full, so it’s safe to say that his hair must be pretty long, considering he’s managed to wrap it into a perfectly-formed low bun. It’s official: Matt’s the latest celebrity to join the man bun crew.

image of matt damon sat down holding a microphone with his short brown hair worn in a neat crop
Matt Damon had short hair only last month! Credit: Getty Images

July: Matt Damon has short hair

But it was only last month (July 28th to be precise!) that Matt Damon’s hair was super short. So, just how did he grow his long hair in under a month?

Now, while there’s been no official comment from Matt about his suspicious hair growth, we’ve come to the conclusion that he’s managed to pull off the man bun thanks to either a clip-in bun (unlikely) or, some trusty hair extensions (much more likely)!

Either way, we’re fans of the Matt Damon man bun and we hope it’s here to stay. What do you think?




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