Long hairstyles for men 2016: The looks to try now

Long hair, don't care!  

While long hair might take a bit of patience to style, the result can definitely be worth the wait! And many long hairstyles for men are taking the spotlight this year, leaving us hankering for longer locks so we can try out some of the best ones!

If you’ve already rocking longer hair (lucky you!), why not try out one of the super trendy looks below to give yourself a fresh new style?

long mens hair with subtle ombre
Long hairstyles for men: Subtle ombre locks. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Subtle ombre locks

Popularised by Jared Leto before he sheared off his tresses for his latest movie role, this subtle highlighting technique can help instantly add depth and dimension to your long, flowing locks.

If you’re still unconvinced by the idea of colour and its maintenance, rest assured, ombre highlights look uber natural and are easy to upkeep (you won’t even need to worry about roots!).

To achieve the look, ask your colourist to work in a subtle ombre (or sombre, as the ladies know it) into the mid-length and ends of your hair. Leto’s locks went from an earthy, deep chestnut shade to golden, honey-coloured highlights, giving him a subtle halo that was pretty captivating.

blonde men's long hair with classic curls
Long hairstyles for men: Classic curls. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Classic curls

AKA Jon Snow’s hair! Even when he’s fighting an army of White Walkers, Kit Harington’s mane stands out from the crowd, which is why many curly-haired men are trying to recreate his look.

While it’s not an easy style to get if your hair tends to fall quite straight, if you’re blessed with a head of curls already, it’s fairly straightforward to achieve.

Styling tip: Work a little curling mousse through damp locks, and twist up small sections of hair with your fingers to create curls. Then let your mane dry naturally, scrunching it up a few times with your hands in the process, and comb your hair back, away from your face.

Finally, add some styling wax, like the VO5 Extreme Style Groomed Styling Wax, or putty, like the TONI&GUY Men’s Styling Putty, through your curls to define them, breaking up any clumps and making sure your hair is lifted.

blonde surfer inspired hair
Long hairstyles for men: Surfer-inspired. Credit: Indigitalimages.com


An effortlessly stylish ‘do, long, wavy locks look fantastic if you’ve got a head of healthy-looking, thick hair that’s been well taken care of. Chris Hemsworth sported this style brilliantly, keeping the length trimmed just above his neckline – a far more practical and wearable way to work this look.

Styling tip: To achieve this ‘do, apply the TONI&GUY Men’s Messy Salt Spray liberally to damp hair, and allow it to air-dry, scrunching it up a bit in the meantime.

To create more exaggerated waves, gather your hair at the back of your head, twisting it into a bun, and lightly secure it in place with an elastic band. Once it’s dry, undo your hair to release big, natural-looking waves. Finally, add a little more sea salt spray or some serum through your hair to create definition.

So, which of these long hairstyles for men will you try this year?