The coolest long hair styles for men from Marco Polo

Heroes to save the hair day!  

Struggling to find long hair styles for men to inspire your next look? Well, as amazing as social media is for finding styling inspo, sometimes you need to turn to a different source to find the hottest new ‘dos in town – which is why we’ve been lusting after all the best looks from Netflix’s original series, Marco Polo!

Even if you’re not a fan of the show (ahem… why not?), it’s hard to deny that there are some rather cool long hair looks on offer – which is great news if you’re looking to switch up your usual man bun ‘do, and really show off your lovely locks!

So, to help tide you over until season 3 is released (excited, much?), we’ve put together our favourite hairstyles from the series to date. Simply click through our gallery above, or scroll down to see our top hair picks!

man with long dark hair and a beard worn in a half-up hairstyles
The half-up ponytail is still on trend now. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

The ponytail

We know that this seems like a basic style for all you long-haired fellas out there, but the second we spotted Mahesh Jadu as Ahmad in Netflix’s Marco Polo, we knew that this classic look simply had to make the cut!

Editor’s tip: If you’re looking to recreate Ahmad’s mane for yourself, start by gathering the top section your man mane into a ponytail, leaving the rest of your tresses down.

Then, apply a little of the VO5 Extreme Style Groomed Gel Wax to the top section of your hair, to smooth any flyways and create a sleek finish. And there you have it: a ‘man-tail’ to make all your mates envious!

side view of a man from Marco Polo tv show wearing double braids in dark hair
Double braids, double the style points. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Double braids

Come one, why rock one braid, when you can have 2? And it seems that Remy Hii’s character, Prince Jingim, is in total agreement with us, working these double braids like a total pro!

Editor’s tip: Got fine hair, but want to replicate the look? Then simply spritz your mane with the TONI&GUY Men’s Messy Salt Spray, before plaiting, as this will help your hair grip better while you style, and make the braids last longer.

a side view of a man and a woman both with dark hair and the man wearing braids
Will you choose the man braid? Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Braided ponytail

If you’ve got quite long, thick hair, and need a way to tame the beast, then spruce up your classic ponytail by plaiting it!

Not only is it a great hairstyle for those of you with really lengthy locks, but it also opens up the opportunity to give your mane some added interest, with the addition of extra hairbands up your braided ponytail.

Man with long dark hair worn in an undercut with braids playing a musical instrument
Go extra edgy with and undercut + braids combo. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

The undercut with braids

Do you prefer to work a look with a bit of an edge? Then you should consider adding a super on-trend undercut to your ‘do, just like Uli Latukefu (AKA Byamba). But if you’re not sure which undercut will be suitable for your look, you can discover even more styles to try, right here!