London Collections Men 2016: Street style hair trends to steal

See what hot hairstyles Londoners were rocking at LC:M 2016!  

There’s no denying that all the cool kids came out of hiding during London Collections: Men 2016. That’s why the All Things Hair team took to the streets to hunt out some of the hottest hairstyles worn by the real trendsetters of London.

Click through our gallery above, or scroll down to see our 5 favourite street style hair trends for men.

London Collections Men 2016 blonde 90s curtains
London Collections Men 2016: ’90s curtains. Credit: Dvora

’90s Curtains

It’s time to step back in time to the ’90s! But rather than taking from the rave culture, London Collections Men 2016 saw inspiration drawn from the squeaky clean boy bands of the time. That’s right, we’re talking about the curtains hairstyle!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the retro cut, it involves working a long, parted fringe with a relatively short back (think Nick Carter back in his Backstreet Boys heyday). Modernise the cut by amping up your hair colour, like this brilliant platinum blonde look, above.

dark hair mens high and tigh haircut
London Collections Men 2016: The disconnected high and tight. Credit: Dvora

The disconnected high and tight

Have curly hair, and searching for a short, convenient ‘do? Then the cool disconnected high and tight cut is perfect for you! Why? Because it works well on many hair textures, like curls, afro coils and kinks. Not to mention, it’s super practical and very low-maintenance.

Still on the fence about this hairstyle? Then check out our “How to style a high and tight haircut: 3 ways” article, and discover the versatility of high and tight cuts.

London Collections Men half up man bun
London Collections Men 2016: Man hun. Credit: Dvora

The man hun

Love it or hate it, the man bun is still a popular hairstyle for guys with longer hair. This is probably because it’s a practical way to keep your medium to long mane in place and out of your face!

And the best part is that you can really play around with it. This half-up bun, for example, perfectly complements off-duty looks. Trust us, your man bun skills will soon have Jared Leto and Co. green with bro bun envy!

London Collections Men dark haired quiff
London Collections Men 2016: The brush-up. Credit: Dvora

The brush-up

There’s no denying the popularity of the quiff, so it’s no shock that it was spotted at London Collections Men 2016. But the only difference is that we saw quiffs styled in a brushed-up manner.

Yes, believe it or not, by simply brushing up your quiff, you can instantly make your hair look cool and contemporary.

Editor’s tip: Just apply some VO5 Extreme Style MattClay to your hair; its matt finish makes this product barely visible, while it easily gives your ‘do more definition and texture.

Once you’ve applied the product, roughly brush your hair up with your fingers for a casual look, or use a comb for a more stylish finish – and you’re done!

afro black mens hair natural coils
London Collections Men 2016: Au Naturel. Credit: Dvora

Au naturel

For black men at London Collections Men 2016, it’s all about embracing your hair texture, and working it with your unique style. So, whether your hair is curly, coily or kinky, wear it proudly in a ‘fro.

Editor’s tip: Just remember to keep your locks in tip-top condition by applying a leave-in product, like the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment.