The Korean men’s hairstyles you can copy right now

Want a K-Pop look? Then you're in luck...  

Here at All Things Hair, we like to stay up to date with all the latest hair trends, no matter where in the world they come from. And while we were scouring the internet to find some fresh inspiration just for you (we know, we’re great), we fell in love with the numerous Korean men’s hairstyles on display!

With a huge rise in Korean popular culture, it was only a matter of time before we turned our attention to the East, and started looking to all the stylish guys rocking a unique and fashion-forward cut.

So, get ready to become a K-Pop icon, because we’ve got 8 of the most coveted looks from 2016, that you need to try, right now!

8 Korean men’s hairstyles we’re loving RN

Korean mens hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - K-pop fringe
Korean men’s hairstyles: The K Pop fringe. Credit:

1. The K-pop fringe

It’s undeniable that the K-pop style has influenced a wealth of hair trends for men. And one of the most popular styles to come from the Korean music scene, has to be the side-swept fringe!

With neat sides and feathered, side-swept bangs, this cut works best on perfectly straight hair – so if you’ve got textured locks, it’s worth investing in a pair of straighteners.

Korean mens hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - cropped quiff
Korean men’s hairstyles: The cropped quiff.

2. The cropped quiff

Do you have thick hair that you would like to style differently? Then you need a low-maintenance, but ultra dapper look: and we have just the thing.

This cropped quiff is an easy-to-manage hairstyle, which features shorter sides and lots of length on top, that helps give your strands a more structured look, while still allowing you to show off your hair’s natural texture.

Editor’s tip: When creating your quiff, try using a small amount of the VO5 Groomed Styling Waxas it will enable you to work and rework your style whenever you feel the need.

Korean mens hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - spiky hair
Korean men’s hairstyles: The spiked top. Credit:

3. Spiked top

Contemporary and edgy, it’s not surprising that spiked Korean hairstyles have become very popular with younger men looking to give a bold, high-impact finish to their ‘dos.

To get the look, keep your sides clipped short, and sculpt the extra length on top into roughly textured spikes, using the VO5 Groomed Extreme Style gelWax.

Korean mens hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - collegiate cut short sides and back
Korean men’s hairstyles: Collegiate cut. Credit:

4. Collegiate cut

Smart and polished, the side-parted collegiate style takes its cue from the vintage undercut look, by featuring a mid-length fade with a longer top, and combed into a neat side parting.

This refined ‘do is ideal for any formal occasion, yet can easily be worn to suit your personal style – now that’s what we like to hear!

Korean mens hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - medium mid-length textured hair
Korean men’s hairstyles: Mid-length textured hair. Credit:

5. Mid-length texture

Not all popular Korean hairstyles for men involve a complex and elaborate haircut, don’t you know? They also embrace the grown-out lengths of longer locks, and give it a classic twist by styling it with a semi-wet look aesthetic.

And what makes this style so great, is that all you need to do, is slick a small amount of the Lynx Natural Look Flexible Control Cream over your strands, and you’ll have a look that’s both fresh and timeless!

Korean mens hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - top knot brown hair short sides long top
Korean men’s hairstyles: Party up top. Credit: Dvora

6. Party up top

Today, it seems that many Korean men’s hairstyles have started exuding loads hipster vibes, as we’ve begun to see a lot of new, sharp cuts, that have a youthful and quirky feel to them.

The above look is all about keeping the top lengths of your hair long and swept back, while having closely cropped or shaved back and sides – trust us, this is one contrasting hairstyle that is hard to beat!

Korean mens hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - messy shag haircut medium length wavy hair
Korean men’s hairstyles: Shag haircut.

7. Shag cut

If you have super straight, Asian-type hair, then you’ll probably know that when you hair grows out, it can easily look flat and limp. But there is an easy way to breath some life into same-length locks, and it’s comes in the form of a shag cut.

A shag cut is a great way of keeping lots of body in your mane, while also adding a light, feathered texture, that’ll instantly ramp up the natural movement of your tresses!

Korean mens hairstyles: All Things Hair - IMAGE - short brown hair textured layers
Korean men’s hairstyles: Textured layers. Credit:

8. Textured layers

Much like the shag cut, layers are an amazingly simple way to inject some much needed depth and dimension into super straight locks. And it just so happens, that layers have been incorporated into a number of Korean men’s hairstyles, making it a must-have styling choice!

If you have short hair, layers work well with a swept fringe and faded sides, whereas with long hair, they can instantly give lift and texture to your strands.


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