The hipster haircut: 6 ways to work the look for effortless results

Are you cool enough to rock a hipster haircut? We think so.  

Over the past few years, the hipster has garnered a lot of attention in the fashion and beauty scene. They like to push the boundaries of fashion and are not afraid to break social norms, all the while becoming the source of inspiration for many gents. But most importantly, no hipster is complete without a hipster haircut.

Now you probably have a stereotyped idea of what hipster hairstyles look like, but let us tell you: they’re actually incredible diverse. Don’t believe us? Then take a look below for 6 key modern hipster looks to try today…

Looking for a hipster haircut? Be inspired by these stylish manes


male model with brown hair and light brown tips with hair in high bun in instagram post
Man buns are still reigning supreme. Credit:

1. Man bun

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know all about man buns and how insanely popular they’ve become lately.

As you may have guessed, a man bun is where all the hair is pulled up and secured into a bun at the crown of your head. But don’t worry if it seems like too much effort to make it perfect, as the messier the style the better. Credit: @teobelieves

male model at Cottweiler FW17 wearing hair in modern fringe undercut style
Modern fridges have become a hipster haircut staple. Credit:

2. Modern fringe

Fringe hairstyles come and go quite dramatically in the fashion scene, so it can be hard to know which one is right to rock. But not to worry, because we have the modern fringe cut right here and it’s super easy to work…

All it takes to emulate the look is to get short sides and keep the top long, allowing hair to fall dishevelled over your forehead. Modern fringe hairstyles are a staple hipster haircut no matter your hair type, and thanks to both their simplicity and versatility, you will appreciate the beauty of the style also.

male model with dirty blonde hair with undercut top knot hairstyle
This hairstyle merges two of the hottest hipster haircuts. Credit:

3. Undercut top knot

This hairstyle merges two classic hipster haircuts (man bun and undercut) into one trendy style. This hybrid look is a little trickier to pull off, as your undercut requires more attention than a man bun – so be patient and take the necessary styling time, because it will be worth it in the end. Credit: @jackobbuczynski

Male model with long tousled brown hair hipster hair
Long tousled hair is more than just a wash and go style. Credit:

4. Long tousled hair

Tempted to try hipster hairstyles that only look fresh but are also super easy to style? Then you need to try long tousled hair. However, this is both the easiest and most difficult hipster haircut to pull off…

This might sounds like a contradictory statement, but let us explain. Styling your tousled hair couldn’t be easier, as you simply need let your hair hang down; yet getting your hair looking the best requires some work. Credit: @jackgreystone

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male model with dark brown hair with pompadour hairstyle
To pomp or not to pomp that is the question. Credit:

5. Pompadour

Characterised by it’s tight sides and voluminous top, the pompadour is a nod to the 1950s rockabilly style. However, this neat look has seen a resurgence recently and is especially popular within the street style scene.

The key to this hipster haircut is ensuring you have enough volume in the middle (AKA the pomp) section, with the hair sitting forward. Credit: @thalisson_barber

Editor’s tip: If this hipster haircut is for you, we suggest trying the VO5 Matt Clay, as this will create a more sophisticated, modern look.

ginger haired male model with all over braided long hair in instagram festival post
Men’s braided styles are officially here. Credit:

6. Man braids

If all these trendy hipster hairstyles are just a little too tame for you, and what you are looking for instead is a real show-stopper, then we suggest trialling a cool braided hairstyle.

As you might imagine, braided hairstyles offer copious amounts of styling possibilities. You can make your ‘do as simple or creative as you like, and even work in a topknot for extra hipster points, too! Credit: @gwilymcpugh


All these hipster haircuts got your aching for more hot-to-trot styles? Then head on over to our New Hairstyles for Men, for all the latest celebrity transformations and catwalk styles.

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