Harry Styles rocks 3 hot hairdos for Another Man magazine

Jeanette | 28 September 2016

Harry proves he has the moves like Jagger!

Okay, let’s be honest: when it comes to hair heroes, Harry Styles is a serious contender. Long hairshort hair, the man bun – you name it, he’s probably rocked it twice over (at least)! But we have to admit we were still absolutely shocked when Another Man magazine debuted its latest cover with not one, but three covers starring the former One Direction band member! These looks really aren’t to be missed.

3 Hot ‘dos for Another Man mag? Harry Styles is officially our new hair hero!


Harry Styles long hair - Another Man magazine - All Things Hair
Harry Styles’ lovely, long locks. Credit: Instagram.com/Harrystyles

The issue (due to be released tomorrow) will feature the pop pin-up rocking 3 different looks. And we have to say, we are feeling some serious Mick Jagger circa 1960s-70s vibes! The cover boasts that Styles was photographed by Ryan McGinley, interviewed by music legend Paul McCartney and comedian Chelsea Handler, and the following teasing tagline: ‘Elvis Presley, punk pin-ups and a special document curated by Harry.’ It all sounds very cloak-and-dagger! Credit: @harrystyles

Harry Styles Mick Jagger inspired cut - Another Man magazine - All Things Hair
Harry Styles’ shaggy Jagger-inspired crop. Credit: Instagram.com/Harrystyles

On the first cover, Harry Styles rocks his signature look of perfectly wavy, shoulder-length locks – which is sure to give many men some serious hair envy! Styles’ second ‘do, however, hits home with a shorter, shaggy crop, paired with a retro Fair Isle-print polo that practically screams Jagger! Credit: @harrystyles

Harry Styles short haircut AnOther Man Mag - PICTURE - All Things Hair
Harry Styles’ cool and contemporary cut. Credit: Instagram.com/Harrystyles

While of course we’re crushing on both of these looks, it’s actually Harry Styles’ final cut that proves to us that he has real hair hero qualities. Donning a cool and contemporary short ‘do, Styles surprises us with a look that’s more punk than pop! Could this mean a change in direction for Styles’ musician image? We certainly hope so. Credit: @harrystyles

So, which of these super hot Harry Styles hairdos is your favourite? Either way, while you’re waiting in line to snap up your copy of Another Man, don’t forget to get more celebrity #hairspiration by clicking through our New Hairstyles for Men Page, will you?


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