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All Things Hair | 27 July 2016

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If you’re looking for good haircuts for men, the key to choosing a style that will both flatter and enhance your features is by taking into consideration your natural hair texture and face shape. Read on to discover some great looking cuts from which to take your pick the next time you visit the barbers.

6 Good haircuts for men you should try


good haircuts for men curly haired man with classic Caesar
Good haircuts for men: Caesar cut. Credit

Caesar cut

A classic, clean-looking hairstyle with a youthful edge, the Caesar cut actually makes a great choice for men of all ages. Think of it as a twist on the classic buzz cut, with tapered back and sides.

To style, brush the top section forward and down flat to create a short fringe for a neat look, or add a little texturising gum, like the VO5 Extreme Style Texturising Gum (£3.99*) to create a subtle lift and texture.

Good haircuts for men dark blonde pompadour
Good haircuts for men: Classic pompadour. Credit:

Casual pompadour

While traditional pompadours make for a brilliant statement look, for a more wearable and contemporary style, try this casual interpretation. This low-key pomp works well on men of all ages, to help create a thicker and fuller look. When asking for the cut, request your barber to keep more length on top, but beware of having too much weight on the crown. Trim the back and sides shorter to create a more striking contrast in the hairstyle.

To style, blow-dry your hair using a round brush, adding some VO5 Extreme Style Thicken Up Gel Foam (£3.99*) to your damp hair first. Once dry, work in some Toni&Guy Men’s Styling Fibre (£6.99*) to create the slightly messed-up, casually-textured quiff at the front.

classic taper cut for men
Good haircuts for men: Classic taper cut. Credit

Classic taper cut

Looking for a haircut that’s dapper, fuss-free, yet contemporary and cool? The taper cut is a classic look that’s perfect for anyone who’s after a stylised look, but not so much the hassle of daily styling and maintenance.

To get the perfect look, it’s all about a great base cut. So ask your barber to retain a little more length on top, and neatly taper the sides and back, fading as steep or as gradually as you prefer. This style works best with oval faces and is uber flattering on gents with defined cheekbones.

asian mens hair side part with undercut
Good haircuts for men: Side part with undercut. Credit: Dvora

Side-parted undercut

The side-parted undercut is an excellent haircut for men, plus it looks great whatever your age. Taking its cue from vintage-style cuts from the early 20th century, this look has come back into popularity as a refreshingly polished hairstyle.

Keep enough length on top when cutting, and style using a comb and TIGI Bed Head for Men Slick Trick Pomade (£13.95*) for a slick, polished look with a sheen.

black mens long high top fade
Good haircuts for men: High fade with long top. Credit

High fade with a long top

Unabashedly stylish, this is a great haircut for younger guys who want to make a serious style impact. With the contrast between the long length on top and the sharp high fade already built into the cut, you can easily create extra texture or a dramatic quiff to complete this head-turning look.

good haircuts for men short and choppy
Good haircuts for men: Short and choppy. Credit

Short and choppy

The combination of the short length and messy, almost bedhead textures, this hairstyle feels fresh without looking as if you’ve tried too hard. Another advantage is that this is a really versatile cut that works a treat with most face shapes, too.

Remember to keep the top section a little longer than the sides, and ask your barber to create a choppy look throughout with subtle layers (point-cutting is perfect for this). All you need to style it is a small dab of matte styling clay (try the Toni&Guy Mens Styling Clay (£6.99*)) and you’re ready to go!

So now that you know what good haircuts for men look like, which one will you try?

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