Going grey gracefully: Learn how to embrace nature’s gift

Why worry about going grey when there are so many fantastic ways to work the look?  

Although it will happen to us all (unless we go bald first!), going grey probably isn’t something you like to spend too much time dwelling on. But rather than desperately trying to cover up the fact that your hair is getting lighter, our advice to you gents would be to embrace the look and go grey gracefully.

Want to know how to carry off greying locks with success? Ahead, we’ve compiled some answers to any questions you might have about going grey, before breaking down some important tips and tricks on how to proudly wear your grey head of hair from now on.

man back stage at a fashion show wearing a brown red suit and tie with his brown curly hair going grey with a full beard
Pair your grey hair with a full-on beard and you’ll be totally on trend. Credit: indigitalimages.com

So, why are you going grey?

Your hair starts to go grey when the pigmentation cells that make up your hair colour (melanin) stop being produced.

Why are you going grey before your friends?

Although some men are lucky enough to hold on to most of their natural hair colour until they turn 50, others might start to go grey when they’re in their 20s.

While things like stress and malnutrition can be contributing factors in your hair turning grey earlier, essentially, it all comes down to genetics. So, if your parents went grey early, it’s most likely that you will, too.

image of a man wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and a blue striped tie with brown hair going grey worn in a crop with facial hair
Grey hair is just the start of something great!

What are the best haircuts to pull off grey hair?

The key to making sure that your grey hair looks its best is to choose a haircut that will help you show it off. Here are a few options…

Keep it short

Keeping your grey hair short will ensure that it looks fresh, tidy and healthy. Neatly-finished quiffs, classic short back and sides and ’50s-inspired side parts all work well with grey hair, as do undercuts and pompadours, if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of length on top. But if your hair is receding, then a buzz cut may be a good option, too.


Layers are also a good option for men who are going grey. So, if you’re in the process of transforming into a silver fox, but aren’t quite there yet, getting subtle layers put in can help to seamlessly blend your dark and grey hairs together, creating a cool, yet mature look.

Facial hair

A bit of facial hair can make a brilliant accompaniment to a grey or greying mane. As well as adding a rugged twist to your look, a bit of stubble or even a full-on beard can also help to frame your face for a more grown-up, masculine effect.

man wearing a white shirt and tie holding his jacket over his shoulder with his grey hair worn neat and up
Embrace your grey hair and become a silver fox.

How should you maintain your grey hair?

Now that you’re ready to embrace your grey hair, it’s important that you look after it well to keep it looking its best. For example, you could invest in a shampoo that’s been specifically developed for grey hair as some regular formulations can leave it looking yellow or brassy.

If you’re retaining a bit of length, a good conditioner is also key, as it’ll help retain the moisture you need in order to keep your grey hair looking and feeling healthy at all times.