The ‘Gareth Bale hairstyle’ that have given us serious hair-envy!

We can all win with this hairstyle!  

It’s no surprise that Gareth Bale’s hair regularly trends on Twitter – his tresses have long given men serious hair goals, particularly with his mad man bun skills! And who can forget when the Welsh footballer’s signature bun fell out during the Wales vs. Georgina FIFA World Cup qualifier match (oops!). 

So if you’re a fan and you’re looking to get hair like Gareth’s, read on below and we’ll help you score some major style points!

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Gareth Bale hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Wales footballer
The ‘Gareth Bale hair’ that has given us serious hair-envy! Credit:

Luckily, the Welsh footballer was given an emergency hairband to help secure his shoulder-length mane in place, so he could carry on playing (phew!). The images of the Gareth Bale’s hair faux pas obviously caused a rumble online, with many followers expressing their jealously of his billboard-worthy mane.

So, how can you cause hair envy among your squad? Simply read our 3 tips below and find out.

Gareth Bale hair: Top tips

1. Hoping to create a Gareth Bale-inspired man bun, but struggling with fine hair? Don’t worry, you can still easily get the look with thin tresses by using the VO5 Extreme Style Casual Control Dry Texture Spray. It’ll help give your mane instant texture, with a matt and non-crunchy finish. Nice!

2. Try washing and conditioning your hair with the TIGI Bed Head For Men Charge Up Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner. Not only will this wash-and-care set give you squeaky clean hair, but it will also help your locks look and feel thicker – which is exactly what you need to nail this hairdo.

3. Go easy on styling products like hair putty and wax. Why, you ask? Because believe it or not, a just little bit of these hair products will go a long way. And remember: if you do need a little extra, it’s easier to add more than it is to wash it all out and start again!


Our favourite Gareth Bale-inspired haircuts


front view image of a man with a beard and a top knot man bun
Team your man bun with a full beard! Credit:

Man bun and beard

Probably his most famous look – the man bun still reigns supreme – but sometimes Gareth does like to mix it up by teaming his top knot with a full-ish beard. Like this Instagrammer, we can’t help but think, this is a pretty on-point look. Ready to give it a whirl? Credit: @hank_ge

David Beckham in a black and white picture wearing sunglasses and deep side parting with his hair swept over
Go for the deep side parting like David Beckham. Credit:

Deep side parting

Like his fellow footballer David Beckham, Gareth is no stranger to a deep side parting, with the rest of his locks swept over to one side. This is a classic look, that’s as perfect off the field, as it is on the red carpet! Credit: @davidbeckham

front view image of a male model with blonde hair, short sides and comb over
Why not try short sides and a comb over? Credit:

Short sides and texture

This style is one of Gareth’s pre- man bun faves and we have to agree that it’s a fantastic look. Keep the sides of your hair short, while the top stays longer, textured and choppy, to really add some definition into the style. Credit: @lucas.bloms

side view image of a man with black hair and a faux hawk hair cut
Give your look some edge with a faux hawk style. Credit:

Faux hawk hair

We know that this style is pretty popular with footballers and it’s the perfect look to try if you’re after a haircut with a little more edge. This noncommittal style will allow you to dip your toe into the world of the faux hawk, without going full blown punk-rock. Credit: @mehmetkurtdagi

front view image of a man with dark hair in a pompadour hairstyle
Make the pompadour your next hairstyle! Credit:

Pompadour with long sides

If you’re thinking about growing your hair, the pompadour look with longer sides is a great transitional hairstyle and one that Gareth was seen sporting before he had man bun locks. The extra length on top works to give you height and volume, yet can still be styled for a sleek and suave finish! Credit: @muratsim

Gareth Bale with his long hair swept back with a headband
Got longer locks? Try out a headband like Gareth Bale! Credit:

The headband look

There comes a time when you’re trying to grow your hair out, when it’s too short to be tied up and too long to be left loose. Just what are you suppose to do? Enter: the headband.

Ideal for keeping your hair off your face – plus it looks pretty trendy to boot – Gareth was a big fan of sporting a headband during his matches. Credit: @garethbale11

side view image of a man with brown hair cut in a square regular style
This classic haircut is neat and sweet! Credit:

Classic cut

Not a fan of edgy, trendy haircuts? No fear, we’ve got a Gareth Bale haircut for you! This look is one we like to call his ‘classic cut’ or regular cut if you will. It’s a basic square shape with plenty of texture.

The best part about this look is that it really doesn’t need a lot of styling at all (yes, you can wake up like that!), making a great one for those who don’t enjoy the daily styling routine. Credit: @andrewdoeshair

black and white image of a man with spiky hair
We love spiky hairstyles for a fab 90s vibe. Credit:

Spiky hair

Keep your look short, textured and practical with this spiky hairstyle. Gareth liked sporting a ‘do similar to this in his earlier days of football. Use styling wax to give your hair an added dose of definition. Credit: @andrewdoeshair

Brock O'Hurn with long flowing hair
Make like a viking and wear your locks long and flowing! Credit:

Long hair

Fancy yourself as a bit of a viking? Then this look, that’s a favourite of TV star Brock O’Hurn as well as Gareth Bale, is sure to be just what you’re looking for.

Once it’s long, it really needs no maintenance at all, although you might want to practice your top knot skills for those times when you want your face free of your tresses. Credit: @brockohurn


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