Cool men’s hairstyles for thick hair and how to get them

Arianna | 13 July 2016

Spruce up your look with these fresh new ‘dos.

Guys, we know that having thick hair is both a blessing and a curse. It’s highly sought-after (well, who doesn’t want to have a full head of hair, right?), but it’s also difficult to style – especially if you’re unsure which hairdos work best with fuller-looking locks. But don’t worry: the All Things Hair team are here to help you out: we’ve got 3 cool men’s hairstyles to share, in hope to inspire both ideas and confidence that thick hair can be easy to manage. So keep reading below, and next time you head to the barbers for a chop, you’ll know exactly what to request.

3 Cool men’s hairstyles for thick hair


wet look side pompadour cool mens hairstyles for thick hair
Wet-look side pompadour. Credit:

Wet-look side pompadour

Thanks to the high-shine finish of products like hair gel and pomade, which can actually make fine hair look even thinner, most people who aren’t blessed with thick hair tend to avoid wet-look styles like this one. But for you thick-haired gents, they can work a treat.

One of the most popular cool men’s hairstyles for this season is the side pompadour, which is a modern variation on the traditional pomp. Essentially, the difference between the two is that the side pompadour features a deep side parting, and the pomp is just angled to one side. Ask your barber to gradually cut the hair on the sides of your head, while leaving some length on top for you to form into a pomp. If you don’t have a natural deep side part, then your barber can carefully shave one in for you.

To style your pomp at home, apply some VO5 Sculpted Hold Wet Look Styling Gel (£2.99*) to your hair (focusing most of the product on the top section). Use a comb to distribute the product through your strands and mould your pomp into the desired shape. You’ll look like a true gentleman in no time!

cool mens hairstyles for thick hair rounded high top
Cool men’s hairstyles: Rounded high top fade. Credit:

Rounded high top fade

A high top haircut needs two things in order to look suave: height and thickness. So if you’ve been blessed with naturally thick locks, then you’re in luck: your mane makes you the perfect candidate for this cool, sporty look.

To really modernise the traditional cut (which can sometimes look a little harsh, thanks to its sharp angles), opt for a rounded high top. We first spotted this cool twist on the high top in the London-based designer Bobby Abley’s spring/summer 2017 show, and now we’re total converts. To pull off this look, ask your barber to leave a good 3-4 inches of hair on the top of your head, while gradually fading out the sides. Make sure to ask for your high top to be lightly curved around the edges in order to create a softer, more rounded shape.

Tip: to achieve the perfect look, apply a small amount of Lynx Natural Look Flexible Control Cream (£4.29*) through your hair and, using a hair sponge, work the product in to help define your curls for an effortlessly polished look.

cool mens hairstyles top knot 2016
Cool men’s hairstyles: Top knot. Credit: Indigital

Top knot

We know that long hair – especially when you have lots of it – can be hard to style, but don’t fret: we’ve got the perfect summer solution for your thick mane, and it’s called a top knot. Not only does this style help to keep your heavy hair off of your face during the hotter months of the year, but it also takes minutes (if that) to achieve! No wonder celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Hemsworth and Shia LeBeouf are fans.

To style your top knot at home, tip your head upside down, and use your hands to gather all of your hair into a high ponytail. Once you’ve done this, flip your head back up and, using a hairband, begin to tie your ponytail. After you’ve looped the hair band around twice, begin to loop your hair through a second time, but this time, don’t pull all of your hair out of the bottom, in order to create the top knot effect.

The good news is, you hardly need a product to help achieve this look, but to keep your long hair looking shiny and feeling healthy, don’t forget to regularly treat the mid-lengths and ends to a dose of Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-Oil (£6.99*).

So, which one of these cool men’s hairstyles will you choose this summer?

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