Cool men’s haircuts you should try now

All Things Hair | 17 June 2016

Time to branch out beyond short back and sides, gents. 

Once limited to short back and sides or one length all over, the world of men’s hairstyles has opened up massively over recent years. And we’re now treated to a brand new flow of cool men’s haircuts each season. So, if it’s time to update your look, and you’re on the hunt for some #hairinspiration, here are some of the finest styles you should try now.

5 Cool men’s haircuts trending right now


The fringe Cool mens haircuts
Cool men’s haircuts: The fringe. Credit: Indigital

The fringe

Yes, that’s right, fringes are back, and in a big way! And we’re not talking about the prim, quiff-style versions we’ve been seeing a lot of over the past few years, oh no, we’re talking about messy, overgrown bangs (think Damon Albarn on Top of the Pops back in the ’90s!). To get this style, ask your barber for a matt, textured look with lots of extra length at the front.

When it comes to styling, start by blasting your wet or damp hair with a hairdryer, while working in a good-quality volumising mousse or foam (try VO5 ThickenUp gelFoam, £3.99*)  enhances your natural texture and lift. Once your hair is dry, spritz it with a salt spray, like the Toni&Guy Men Messy Salt Spray (£7.49), clasping and scrunching your hair as you go to create natural waves for a more lived-in look. Now that you’ve got plenty of texture and your fringe is pretty much in place, use a matt paste, like the VO5 Extreme Style mattClay (£3.99*), to tidy up the ends. And you’re done!

mod style mens haircut
Cool men’s haircuts: The mod chop. Credit: Indigital

The mod chop

If you need further proof that ’90s indie trends are influencing the hottest men’s haircuts this season, just have a look at the ‘mod chop’ (think Liam Gallagher when he was still the lead singer of Oasis). To achieve this hairstyle, you’ll need plenty of length. Once your locks are long enough, ask your stylist for a fringe and to cut the hair at the back shorter. And when it comes to styling this cut, try using some Toni&Guy Messy Salt Spray before blow-drying to add a bit of texture!

Long dark brown hair cool men’s haircuts
Cool men’s haircuts: Long hair. Credit: Indigital

Long hair

We’ve recently seen more and more men adopting the long hair trend and embracing a heavily textured, laid-back look. So, if you’re looking for a longer style that is ultra-cool and fashion-forward, this could be the one for you! To achieve this look, you’ll obviously need to start with plenty of length. Ask your stylist to add lots of texture to create plenty of movement and keep the cut versatile. To enhance the texture of your hair, spritz some Toni&Guy Messy Salt Sprayand leave it to air-dry.

man with slick wet look side parting
Cool men’s haircuts: The classic side parting. Credit: Indigital

The slick side part

This timeless look is still one of the coolest men’s haircuts around. Suitable for all face shapes and hair types, this versatile look is bold, sharp and effortlessly stylish. To achieve it, ask your stylist for short back and sides with extra length on top and a sleek side parting. And if you’re feeling brave, why not ask for a thin shaved line along your parting for added impact?

The swoop haircut on bearded man
Cool men’s haircuts: The swoop, inspired by Justin Bieber.

The swoop

Inspired by Justin Bieber (yes, we said it!), the swoop is undeniably one of the most on-trend haircuts for men right now. And it’s safe to say that this bold, confident look will certainly turn heads – for all the right reasons! The key to this cut is to keep lots of length (ideally, about 4-7 inches), as the longer your hair is, the more impact you’ll make. Then ask your stylist to disconnect the top. To style it, wear the look swooped (hence the name!) over to the side.

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