The best hairstyles for round faces: Men

All Things Hair | 12 September 2016

Learn how to work with, and not against, your face shape.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone told you what looks worked best with your face shape? Well, it just so happens we’ve done exactly that, with our helpful guide to the best hairstyles for round faces: men. As you undoubtedly know, not every hairstyle suits every face type, so when it comes to picking a haircut that will complement and flatter your complextion, it’s definitely worth doing your research!

Round face shapes typically have a number of distinguishable characteristics, including: full cheekbones, a rounded jaw and being equal in width, and height. So, to give you some styling inspiration, we’ve created a list of the best hairstyles for all you round-faced fellas out there! You’re welcome. 

The 5 best hairstyles for round faces: Men


best hairstyles round faces men side parting
Best hairstyles for round faces: Men – Side part. Credit:

Side part

Known for its suave, masculine feel, this is perhaps one of the most versatile and flexible haircuts for men with round face types. It’s height and length provides the perfect balancing effect, helping to give the appearance of a longer face, while still giving enough prominence to your natural facial features. 

Ideal for achieving a timeless look, this cut is also one that can be adapted to meet your personal preference, based on your hair type and length – making it a great go-to for anyone stuck for styling ideas. Want to learn how to style your side parting? Then follow our simple video tutorial here!

best hairstyles for round faces men spikes
Best hairstyles for round faces: Men – Jagged hair.

Jagged spikes

If you have a round face, adding height to your hair by incorporating thick spikes, is a great way to change the profile of your face. This is because tall spikes, that are over an inch tall, will help give an edge to the roundness of your face. Get your barber to cut the sides of your hair shorter to emphasise the height of your hair further.

Tip: To get defined spikes that’ll last all day, try using a matt styling product, like the Lynx Urban Messy Look Matt Gel (£4.29*) – it’ll provide you with plenty of control and definition.

best hairstyles for round faces men undercut
Best hairstyles for round faces: Men – Pompadour and undercut.

Pompadour with an undercut

Cool, sleek and fashion-forward: the pompadour‘s slicked-back style makes it one of the trendiest haircuts for men, not to mention it works amazingly well for those with rounded face types. Featuring shaved undercut sides, with tonnes of height and fullness on top, this cut allows you to keep the long length of your mane, without drawing attention to the roundness of your face. 

To create the body that this look requires, work a styling wax, like the Lynx Signature Clean Cut Look Definition Wax (£4.29*), through dried hair using your fingers. The flexible texture of this product also means you are able to rework your style whenever necessary. After all, a gent’s always got to look his best!

best hairstyles for round faces men fauxhawk
Best hairstyles for round faces: Men – Fauxhawk. Credit:


The fauxhawk is one of this year’s hottest hair trends for men and is great for adding optimum volume, and prominent angles to your face. To nail this look, you will need to already have medium length hair, so that your barber can create a noticeable fauxhawk shape.

To get the lowdown on this year’s edgiest look, check out our guide to the fauxfawk – it’s got all the info and styling inspiration you’ll need to achieve this ‘do.

best hairstyles for round faces men high volume
Best hairstyles for round faces: Men – High volume cut.

High volume haircut

A great way to draw attention away from the roundness of your face, is to opt for a cut with plenty of volume. And although a vertical, high-volume hairstyle is not everyone’s cup of tea, it really is the ideal way to add height, shape and texture to your hair. 

To style this super easy cut, simply apply some Lynx Adrenaline Super Hold Cream Gel (£4.29*) before blow-drying your hair – do this in an upward direction to get extra mileage out of your hair.

Are you always on the lookout to keep your mane a cut above the rest? Then check out our New Hairstyles for Men page – it’s got all the hottest styles around, no matter what your hair type.

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