5 new men’s styles to ask for at the barber shop

It's time to pay your barber a visit!  

Do you ever go into the barber shop not knowing exactly what kind of hairstyle to ask for? Don’t worry, with men’s hairstyles coming at us from all directions, it can be hard to know what looks are hot, and what are not. But luckily for you, the All Things Hair team is on hand to save you from a disappointing trip to the chair.

So, if it’s a fresh new ‘do you’re after, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to share with you 5 of the most stylish men’s hairstyles, so that the next time you go to get your hair cut, you’ll leave with your head held high.

5 looks to try next time you visit the barber shop

barber shop: All Things Hair - IMAGE - top knot undercut mens hairstyle
What to ask for at the barber shop: Top knot with an undercut. Credit: Dvora

Top knot with undercut

Already mastered the man bun trend? Great! Now you can take the style up a notch and get a daring undercut to really show it off!

We know, we know: this hairstyle is a little ‘out-there’, but trust us when we say, it’s set to be a big one for 2017! Plus, all you need to do every morning, is pull your tresses up into a top knot and you’ll be ready to rumble!

Editor’s tip: Are you working with thin or fine hair, yet yearn to rock this style? Then add some texture and grip into your stands using the TONI&GUY Men’s Messy Salt Spray – trust us, this is one styling product that you won’t be able to live without!

barber shop: All Things Hair - IMAGE - mens hairstyle side swept fringe undercut
What to ask for at the barber shop: Side-swept top. Credit: Dvora

Side-swept top

If you like to keep your hair relatively short and neat, but are bored to death of the generic cropped hairstyle, then this could be the look for you! This ‘do instantly injects that extra bit of character into your everyday style, all with the simple addition of a side-swept top.

To nailing this ‘do, keep the back and sides closely cropped, while leaving the top just slightly longer. This will give a gentle contrast, yet one that still packs a punch in the style department. Plus, you could go even one step further, and pair your new hairstyle with a stylish, masculine beard!

barber shop: All Things Hair - IMAGE - mens hairstyle dreads dreadlocks short fade
What to ask for at the barber shop: Short dreads with fade. Credit: Dvora

Short dreads with a fade

If you have afro hair that’s in dire need of a new style, then boy oh boy have we got a treat in-store for you. Guys, let us introduce to you: short dreads with a fade.

This uber stylish look features cropped dreadlocks with a subtle, low fade, making it one of the most dapper black hairstyles we’ve ever seen!

Editor’s tip: Since natural hair is prone to frizz, you need a product that’ll help tame your tightly curled strands. We suggest using some VO5 Fluff Tamer on your dreadlocks, to give your look a striking finish!

barber shop: All Things Hair - IMAGE - mens hairstyle fade undercut coif
What to ask for at the barber shop: Coif. Credit: Dvora

Cool men’s coif

Ready to take on the cool men’s coif? We bet you are! While pompadours may have been around for a few seasons now, the latest way to wear them is with lots of texture, and paired with an undercut fade.

And if you ask us, the best thing about this his hair-raising style, is that you can make your coif as tall or short as you like – either way, this one offbeat ‘do that’s not to be sniffed at!

Editor’s tip: After getting your hair cut at the barber shop, remember to invest in some TIGI Bed Head For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax, to help shape and pump your pomp to perfection!

barber shop: All Things Hair - IMAGE - mens hairstyle short brown hair
What to ask for at the barber shop: Cropped hair with a flicked fringe. Credit: Dvora

Cropped hair with a flicked fringe

If you’re after a great all-round hairstyle that’ll see you from the office to after-work drinks – and one that doesn’t require much styling – then you’ll most definitely want to consider a short crop.

But we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill cropped look, oh no: we’re talking about a cropped ‘do with short back and sides, complete with a more defined, and slightly longer top.

Editor’s tip: Once you have your cropped ‘do, try styling it using some TONI&GUY Men’s Polishing Wax Stick, to swish the top section of your hair up and to one side. Yep, it really is that simple!



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