Alexander Skarsgård’s latest hair transformation has divided opinion – see it here!

You have to see it to believe it...  

Every once in a while a hair transformation breaks the internet, from The Weeknd cutting of his Basquiat-style dreadlocks to Zayn Malik cutting off, well, everything, when he went totally bald in September. But nothing, we repeat, nothing has come quite as close as Alexander Skarsgård’s latest hair transformation.

The Swedish actor is well known for his medium blonde tapered hair, which he usually styles swept back in a casual quiff finish. But that all changed when the True Blood star attended the Louis Vuitton exhibition in New York, recently.

Yet to see the haircut that has turned into a social media frenzy? Fear not, as we have the big reveal, below… brace yourself!

Alexander Skarsgård looks unrecognisable with dramatic new haircut


Alexander Skarsgård partially bald hair with blonde sides
Alexander Skarsgård’s hair has become the hottest topic this week… What are your thoughts? Credit:

Now we are over the initial shock, we can begin to address this new dramatic haircut. Although it may at first seem like an accidental (and unfortunate) slip with the hair trimmers, we can actually reveal that this partially bald hairstyle is in fact for a new acting role. Credit: @nosubmarines

Alexander Skarsgård is joining Jesse Eisenberg and Salma Hayek in the upcoming The Hummingbird Project. While little is known about this new role, it seems like Alexander is not afraid to take on the challenge or this dramatic haircut.

As you can imagine, social media went a little crazy when pictures of Alexander’s new haircut were revealed. While many fans were distraught over his new hair choice, others couldn’t deny that he still looked just as good with this somewhat out-there style.


Now, we expect (and secretly hope) that his long hair will be back soon, but in the mean time let us know your thoughts over on our Twitter page @AllThingsHairUK. And if you’re looking for men’s hair inspiration, check out our Men’s Hairstyle Trends page for the latest news in male grooming.