16 Bearded Influencers to Follow in 2020

Up your beard game with the help of these cool influencers.

Find the best beards in town with our comprehensive list of influencers that have great content, style, and even better facial hair.

Whether you’re contemplating growing a beard for Movember or need grooming tips and tricks – we’ve got something for everyone!!

Just get scrolling for instant inspiration.

Be Heard

Who are they?

Samson Kovacs is a digital content manager and beard-devotee from Leeds. After struggling with his mental health during the lockdown, Samson felt inspired to create Be Heard, a platform for men to share their stories and best facial hair tips.

Why you should follow them:

As Movember is all about raising awareness for men’s mental health, Be Heard is a great page to follow to get involved and also discover some exclusive beard styling tips.

Jack’s Journal

Jacksjournal blogger: bearded man wearing a denim shirt
Credit; @_jacksjournal

Who are they?

Jack Lawrence is a British lifestyle blogger who knows a thing or two about male grooming.

Why you should follow them:

He gives tips on how to look after your skin and get that closely-shaved look. He also reviews barbers in the UK to make sure you get the best cut and shave in town.



Stylish black man wearing a suit and sunglasses
Credit: @fashionthematic

Who are they?

Tosin is an international trade finance analyst based in London with a serious love for men’s fashion and styling, and a dapper beard.

Why you should follow them:

This blogger looks seriously cool with his suave suits and groomed facial hair that any London gent would be proud of.

Credit: www.instagram.com/fashionthematic

Jamin O’Malley

Jamin O Malley: Man with large beard wearing glasses
Credit: @rol_suvwi

Who are they?

Jamin is the President of the Minnesota Beard and Moustache Coalition – and it’s hardly surprising, given his eclectic ways of styling his beard! He’s regular on the international beard competition circuit (yes, beard comps are a real thing!).

Why you should follow them:

Jamin has a really impressive beard and is the one to follow if you are looking for unusual and fun ways to style your beard.


Bola Awoniyi

bearded black man posing with a black woman in yellow dress
Credit: @mrawoniyi

Who are they?

Bola Awoiyi is one half of Black Ballad UK (the other half is his wife Tobi Awoniyi). The platform publishes the content about the black British female experience for black women.

Why you should follow them:

Bola not only knocks an amazing beard but is a marketing consultant (The Fluid Concept) and was also named as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018 for media and marketing. Not just a pretty face.

Credit: www.instagram.com/mrawoniyi

Jack Guinness

Jack Guinness: stylish bearded man wearing a suit
Credit: @jackguinness/@davidcphotography

Who are they?

Jack Guinness is a model and blogger, having previously been the face of Gucci and Vogue campaigns, he is now the voice for Queer Bible and regularly writes pieces for publications like The Guardian and Tatler.

Why you should follow them:
He has recently written a ‘Good Beard Guide’ for The Times with the best products and tips to keep your beard looking fresh and groomed. Having made his career out of being a bearded model, Jack has had to learn how to look after it – and now, he’s kindly sharing his advice with the world.

Credit: www.instagram.com/jackguinness

This Father Life

Bald, light skinned black man with glasses leaning against a brick wall
Credit: @this_father_life

Who are they?

Robert is a Christian, husband and father that uses his blog and Instagram account to document the rollercoaster ride of being a parent.

Why you should follow them:

We love Robert’s real posts that document parental life without filters. His facial hair and very cute family are just a bonus.

Credit: www.instagram.com/this_father_life

The Gentleman Blogger

matthewzorpas: bearded man wearing a tropical shirt and holding a coconut on the beach
Credit: @matthewzorpas

Who are they?

Matthew Zorpas, otherwise known as The Gentleman Blogger, is a travel and fashion influencer and a creative consultant. His Instagram is an absolute dream to scroll through – idyllic locations and smart outfits galore!

Why you should follow them:
Though Matthew may not necessarily be a typical Bearded Blogger, he has covered the subject in a blog post on the dilemma of choosing between a beard, a goatee or a moustache. Not to mention, he IG account just oozes pure style in exotic destinations.

Credit: www.instagram.com/matthewzorpas

Adé Akins

Young black man wearing round glasses leaning against a wall
Credit: @imadeakins

Who are they?

Adé Akins is a very talented man with a podcast and website for Millenials.

Why you should follow them:

Adé is the cofounder of site Adzvice, which was created for Millenials ‘reluctantly adulting’. He uses the platform to have real conversations and break taboos and stigmas around certain topics. In our books, Adé has both substance and style – just look at those glasses and beard!

Credit: www.instagram.com/imadeakins

The Bearded Niall

Black and white image of a bearded man wearing a white hat
Credit: @thebeardedniall

Who are they? 

Niall is a digital marketer by trade with a fantastic beard and an informative beard blog.

Why you should follow them:

Niall’s blog is more than a passion project, his website aims to help newbies and bearded men with useful facial hair tips.

Credit: www.instagram.com/thebeardedniall

Remi Akande

Black bearded man at London fashion week wearing a tan jacket
Credit: @remiakande

Who are they?

Remi Akande is a male blogger based in Manchester.

Why you should follow them:

This cool guy always accessorises his outfits with an impeccable beard. Check out his blog and IG for tips on style, fitness, fashion and grooming, as well as posts about empowerment.

Credit: www.instagram.com/remiakande

Nicholas Karnaze

Man with dark hair and beard wearing a suit
Credit: Instagram.com/nicholaskarnaze

Who are they?

Before starting Stubble and ‘Stache, Nick lo decided to grow out his beard for his friend’s funeral. During the process, he realised how itchy and abrasive beards can be, so he decided to create an informative beard blog.

Why you should follow them

As well as giving great tips on beard grooming and product tips, Nick also talks a lot about travel, style, mental health and the importance of self-care.

Credit: www.instagram.com/nicholaskarnaze

Matty Conrad

Shot of Matty Conrad
Credit: Matty Conrad

Who are they?

Matty Conrad is one of the coolest barbers on Instagram and also the founder/owner of Victory Barbers.

Why you should follow them

To learn easy grooming tips and tricks, get inspiration for your next cut and of course, because of his epic beard.

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/mattyconrad/

Tyler Anderson

Man with bald head and beard wearing glasses
Credit: Tyler Anderson

Who are they?

Tyler Anderson, the bald and brilliant founder of Beardsgaard/.

Why should you follow them

If you are a fan of all things Vikings and want to be part of a community of ‘nerds’ with great beards, the Beardsgaard Instagram and blog will become your personal Valhalla.

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/beardsgaardbarbers

Joel Lewis

Image of man with plaid top and beard smiling
Credit: Joel Lewis

Who are they?

Joel and Hannah Lewis are the brains behind The Beard and Baker,  a food and travel-based blog.

Why should you follow them

For all the food inspiration and also to appreciate how well kept Joel’s beard always looks.

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/thebeardandthebaker/

Brett MacKay

Man with dark short hair and mustache
Credit: Instagram.com/artofmanliness

Who are they?

Brett McKay founded the Art of Manliness blog in 2008 and has grown it to become the destination for men to be on the web.

Why should you follow them?

To admire his dapper moustache, of course! But, also to get expert advice on beards, hair, style, grooming and other important aspects of life.

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/artofmanliness/



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