Zayn Malik just debuted his boldest look yet and we don’t know how to cope!

You won't believe want he's gone for this time round...  

Throughout his successful music career, Zayn Malik has sported a number of dapper hairstyles; including curtains, bright green hair and a buzz cut. But now, the star has had yet another dramatic mane transformation: he’s completely shaved his head and is now rocking his baldest (sorry, we had too!) look ever.

Now let us tell you: his new, edgy look is working for him on every level. So, if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, scroll down below to check it out.

Zayn Malik looks unrecognisable with his bold new look


zayn malik with bald hairstyle with gigi hadid and his mum
Is Zayn’s new look an indication that great music is coming? Credit:

We recently reported that the Still Got Time singer went short and got blonde hair (again), leaving us wondering if he’d grow out his hair. However, in a surprising turn of events, he has done the complete opposite — he’s completely shaved his head!

You’ll immediately notice from the picture, above, that Zayn’s recent golden buzz cut is nowhere to be seen, as the star is now rocking a daring bald hairstyle, with a bit of stubble to balance the look. Well played, Zayn! Credit: @trishamalik1069

You might be wondering why the 24-year-old has gone for such a dramatic look (we need answers, Zayn!), but we reckon that his mane move is a sign that great music is coming. Why? Well, Zayn’s new single, Dusk Till Dawn featuring Sia, will be released in 3 days. And what better to promote your new work than with a new look, right?


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