Top 5 high and tight hairstyles and how to get them

Rock the high and tight in 5 different ways!

Not a big fan of man buns or high-maintenance curls? Keep your look clean and sharp with the high and tight haircut! Currently making somewhat of a comeback, this hairstyle is a badass trend with a very masculine edge – and the best part is that it works for just about every hair texture, too.

Want the look? Ahead, we round up 5 super stylish high and tight cuts to help inspire you.

Top 5 high and tight hairstyles


black mens high and tight 'do
Classic high and tight haircut. Credit: Indigital

Classic high and tight

The classic high and tight is a slick and polished look featuring completely faded or shaved sides, and a short top. Perfect for those who want a style that requires minimal styling, this neat, modern cut works on just about anyone and everyone. So, whether you have straight, wavy, curly or coily hair, this cut will never disappoint.

Editor’s tip: for afro hair textures, apply the Lynx Natural Look Flexible Control Cream (£4.29*) to your hair and use a hair sponge to work the product into your curls or coils. It’ll help really show off your curl pattern and add definition.

Light brown mens hair prohibition high and tight
Prohibition high and tight. Credit: Indigital

Prohibition high and tight

Harking back to the prohibition era, this 1920s cut is making a strong comeback with a trendy and well-groomed, new version. To get the look, ask your barber to keep the section of hair at the crown of your head a little longer, while taking the sides as short as possible. While other high and tight hairstyles are all about short and clean hair on top, you’ll need to keep a little more length for this look (at least one inch and a half) in order to be able to come it back.

black mens hair high and tight cut recon
High and tight recon. Credit: Indigital.

High and tight recon

The recon is one of the most instantly recognisable high and tight cuts, and also the favourite look of the US Marines. You’ve probably seen it countless times on the big screen, but its popularity comes from how practical a hairstyle it really is. How is it different to other high and tight haircuts? This look features a shorter section on top with a soft mohawk shape! (Definitely a super masculine cut.)

Army style high and tight
High and tight with a buzz cut. Credit: Indigital

High and tight with a buzz cut

With less of a military vibe, the buzz cut version of the high and tight still packs plenty of punch. Ask for short sides and back, with the hair on top fading to a very short cut. High and tight looks are not usually very long on top, so keep it under an inch and half for best effect.

High and tight pompadour. Credit: Dvora

High and tight pompadour

For every rule, there has to be an exception. The high and tight originated from the military, where short, practical haircuts were mandatory so that soldiers wouldn’t get any hair in the way when in the field. But when looks like this one join the fashion world, there’s a lot more room for creativity – and in this case, you can definitely start playing around with length.

This pompadour version is an utterly unique take on the hairstyle. While the sides and back are still completely faded, you can leave a lot more length on top. This look is all about creating high-impact volume, so create body by applying some VO5 Extreme Style Thicken Up gelFoam (£3.99*) to damp hair before using a hair dryer to dry your hair.

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