Dapper Slick Back: Men’s Short Hair How-To

Always wanted to know how to slick back short hair? Then discover how to create the look with the help of vlogger Jake Daniels, here! 

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Keen to know how to slick back short hair? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve joined forces with Jake Daniels (one of our favourite male vloggers).

So if you have short hair and are looking for dapper, new hairstyle, why not watch our video (above) to see how to do slicked back hair with an undercut?

Or scroll down to read how to take your short hair up a level for your next outing to a bar, gig, festival or even a lovely dinner. Believe us, you don’t want to miss out on this hair how-to!

Prep Your Hair

How to slick back hair with gel: Vlogger Jake Daniels slicking back hair with brush
To create this dapper slick back, you’ll need a brush.

If you want to know how to slick back hair like a pro, start by running wet hands through your hair. Remember, you want your hair slightly damp – not sopping wet!

How to Slick Back Hair With Gel

‘How to slick back hair with gel’ is a commonly asked question, but luckily one that is easily answered!

To create Jake’s dapper look, we suggest using a gel.

For a wet look finish, use the  VO5 Wet Look Styling Gel. It provides 24-hour control and a wet-look effect that’ll last even in hot and humid conditions.

Or, if you’re after a hairstyle that’s practically indestructible, the VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel will be right up your hair street with its extra-strong hold and control.

Take a very small amount of gel. Then coat your hand by rubbing them together and then run them through your mane. Make sure you cover all your hair (ahem, that means the front, back and sides!).

Once you’ve done this, take a little more gel and work it in at the crown of your head. Then grab your vented brush and brush your hair backwards, smoothing your hair with your hands.

Add Volume to Your Slicked-Back Hair

How to slick back short hair: Vlogger Jake Daniels running his fingers through his hair
Don’t forget to add a little volume with your fingers.

Want to know our ultimate hair hack when learning how to slick back hair? Volume. Believe it or not, adding a touch of volume will definitely take your hairstyle up a notch.

Don’t worry, your hair will still look slick, just not flat. Use a round brush and gently ‘hook’ your hair at the front, carefully lifting your hair up and backwards.

Final Look

How to slick back hair: Vlogger Jake Daniels with dapper slicked back hair
Jake Daniels’ dapper slick back.

Finally, apply a little more gel to your hands and work it through your hair. Once you’re happy with the shape your dapper slick back is done!

Editor’s tip: Want to add a little texture? Experiment and play around by gently finger combing your hair.

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