Top tips for styling the perfect pompadour

Get your pompadour in top shape - literally.

Dating way back to the 18th century through to the current era, the pompadour hairstyle has always been a big hit. Favoured by iconic celebrities like Elvis Presley and James Dean, as well as modern day ones like David Beckham, Adam Levine, and Bruno Mars, this vintage-inspired hairstyle remains a popular men’s ‘do. But what exactly is it? Well, it’s a style where the hair is swept upwards from the face, and worn high over the forehead (almost like a quiff, but without the faux hawk influence).

Today, the modern pompadour hairstyle is often worn slicked back, with an undercut, and with lots of volume at the front. And whilst this popular hairstyle looks super stylish, it can be somewhat hard to achieve if you’re not a pompadour master. But don’t fret, because we’ve got some top styling tips to share that will help you get the perfect pompadour every single time. Keep on reading to find out how to best style your ‘do, and watch the quick video above to learn how to pump your pomp.

Top styling tips for the pompadour hairstyle


Tip 1: A great pompadour starts with a great cut

As with all hairstyles, a great cut is one of the most important factors that will help contribute to a stylish ‘do – and the pomp is no exception. The modern pompadour starts with an undercut, so ask your barber to trim the sides and back of your hair short, whilst leaving the top at least 4-5 inches long. If in doubt, take some pictures with you to the barbers, to show your stylist the exact look that you’re after.

Tip 2: Start styling on towel-dried hair

Always begin styling with clean, conditioned hair that’s been dried. Instead of towel-drying your hair, use a blow dryer, like the Toni&Guy Daily Conditioning Dryer, whilst combing the top section of your hair backwards. Using a hair dryer might seem like hassle, but it will help to boost the volume of your pomp!

Tip 3: Use the right styling products

This style is all about volume in the front and on top, so unless you’re blessed with naturally voluminous hair, you’ll need to use some volume-boosting products. To create more body for your pomp, work wax, like the Lynx Signature Clean Cut Look Definition Wax (£4.29*), through dried hair using your fingers, and then use a comb to brush the hair upwards and backwards for added height. You can also use the comb to slick down hair at the sides, too.

Tip 4: Use a hair pick

After blowdrying and applying hair wax, you might find your pompadour isn’t high enough. Don’t worry: if that’s the case, try using a hair pick to raise it slightly. Although traditionally used on afro hair types, this comb will work wonders for your pomp – the teeth are much longer than conventional combs, allowing you to penetrate into the pompadour and raise it, without ruining the shape that you’ve created.

And there you have it: the pompadour hairstyle, nailed.

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