11 Best Mohawk Hairstyles and Haircuts For Men

Who knew mohawk haircut could be this versatile?

A Mohawk hairstyles is easily identifiable by a strip of hair that’s left in the middle, with both sides shaved. Originally from the aboriginal peoples of North America and Mohawk means ‘people of the flint’.

You may even hear people reference the hairstyle as the ‘Mohican’. Although its origin is aboriginal, it’s also a symbol of defiance and rebellion, due to its resurgence in the ’70s and ’80s and its close association with the punk movement.

It’s been reworked and adapted, so it’s actually far more wearable nowadays as a non-punk look.

The Best Mohawk Hairstyles

Regardless of whether you have your heart set on a large, rock-star Mohawk, or even you’re just dabbling with the idea of getting the cut, our round-up of the best Mohawk hairstyles for men from Instagram should give you some ideas. Keep scrolling to discover them, now.

Classic rockstar

mohawks Young guitarist in a punkrock band on stage
The mohawk hairstyle has a rebellious history.

Grey mohawk

Silver blonde mohawk with shaved lines
Is grey the new blonde? Credit: Instagram.com/grungegarage_ekb.

Did you know that grey is the new blonde? Well, you heard it here first! So, if you’re naturally turning into a silver fox, ditch the dye and embrace this (somewhat surprising) hair colour trend. Credit: @grungegarage_ekb

Asian man with silver mohawk hairstyle looking down
Silver fox? Credit: Instagram.com/artistry_by_gabriel

If you’re feeling intrigued by this unexpected grey look? Discover more. Credit: @artistry_by_gabriel

Classic mohawk with a twist

Man with contemporary and subtle dark mohawk hairstyle
A gentle nod to the mohawk. Credit: Instagram.com/flow_barbers

Want a classic-looking mohawk, but still want it to look modern and fresh? Then try adding in small amounts of detail to the sides of your hair, which can make for a more stylised finish. Credit: @flow_barbers

Mohawk hairstyles for men: the classic with side part shaves
Try a subtle take on the trend. Credit: @properbarbers.

That’s why we love this mohawk-like hairstyle with a barely-there, thin side parting shaved in. The devil’s always in the detail, right? Credit: @properbarbers

(Very) subtle mohawk

Dark haired man with beard and subtle, barely-there mohawk
The barely-there mohawk Credit: Instagram.com/troyzirbes

Not all mohawk hairstyles for men don’t have to be dramatic and bold, and this subtle style is a case in point. Credit: @troyzirbes

Mohawk hairstyles for men: smooth and subtle mohawk
Remember to keep it short and sweet. Credit: Instagram.com/semionbarbershop.

The secret to nailing the look? Keeping everything relatively short! Yep, it really is as easy as that. Credit: @semionbarbershop


Mohawk hairstyles for men: Frohawk hairstyle on young black man from Instagram
Just ask your barber fora burst fade. Credit: @ananodaclark.

Want the mohawk style, but have curly or kinky hair? Then draw inspiration from @ananodaclark and just ask your barber for a skin burst fade on the sides. Credit: @ananodaclark

black man touching his chin with a frohawk hairstyle from Instagram @dreasvision
This is the perfect option for afro and curly hair types. Credit: Instagram.com/dreasvision

The fade should spread from just around the ears, gradually working its way to the middle strip of hair. It’s a little edgier than the barely-there mohawk, but still provides plenty of impact thanks to your hair’s natural curliness! Credit: @dreasvision

Mohawk hairstyles for men: Subtle south of France mohawk from Instagram
The discreet South of France. Credit: Instagram.com/kristhebarber

South of France

Ok, we know that technically this isn’t a mohawk, but consider the South of France as its very close hairstyle cousin! Made popular by R’n’B artist Usher, the hairstyle is also known as the ‘gentleman’s mohawk’ because of its very discreet shape at the front. Credit: @kristhebarber

A young black man turning to the side with a South of France hairstyle
We think Usher would be proud. Credit: Instagram.com/khairsforyou

In fact, you’d even be forgiven for not recognising it at first.  And don’t worry if you’re still not a 100% certain about what this hairstyle is all about; just read our guide to get the complete lowdown on this dapper hairstyle! Credit: @khairsforyou

Asian mohawk styles with top knot
Top knot mohawk. Credit: Dvora

The top knot mohawk

This look is perfect for cool, contemporary gents with a fashion-forward sense of style. An ultra-modern take on the classic look, this topknot mohawk is sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons. To get the style, ask your barber to take the sides really short, leading up to a narrow, V-shaped section on the top of your head. Leaving plenty of length on the mohawk will allow you to put your hair up into a stylish top knot.

medium brown haired man with a feathered Mohawk
Who said that mohawks had to be dramatic?

The feathered mohawk

This understated version of the mohawk is perfect for more mature gents, or guys who are after a less dramatic overall effect. To get the style, ask your barber to clip the sides of your hair short, and maintain plenty of height at the top with point-cut ends. If you’ve got curly or wavy hair, this look will also work wonders in helping to enhance your natural textures.

Dark brown haired man with Mohawk and cornrow
Braided mohawk. Credit: Instagram.com/maurodeoliveira1048

The braided mohawk

The man braid is one of the hottest emerging trends of 2016, and the good news is, it can work with mohawk styles, too! This braided look is perfect for gents with longer hair looking for an ultra stylish take on the classic mohawk.

To achieve this hairstyle, simply ask your barber for a long mohawk, i.e. shaved on the sides and left much longer on top. Once you have the right cut, braid a small section of hair along your parting and brush the rest back, creating extra volume. Once you’re confident with braiding, feel free to experiment with different types to find a look that’s perfect for you. Credit: @maurodeoliveira1048

light brown haired man with windswept Mohawk
Windswept Mohawk is great for low-key guys.

The windswept mohawk

This cool, toned-down version of the mohawk is great for guys who want to embrace the trend without having to worry about how they might be able to polish it up. So, if you need a mohawk style that’s also suitable for the office, look no further. Simply ask your barber to take it short on the sides and back, leaving enough length on top to style it into a side-swept quiff. During the weekdays, the top can be swept backwards for a neater look, while on the weekends, go as wild as you like with the textures!

Dark haired man with Mohawk and fade
Modernise the classic mohawk with a simple fade.

The mohawk fade

Combining a classic mohawk and an on-trend fade results in a subtler, yet still striking, overall look, making it a great option for those who want to try out the mohawk without having to commit to the more extreme version. For best results, the top section of your hair should be at least a couple of inches long to allow you to create a crest with plenty of volume. Just remember to get it trimmed regularly to keep it looking neat and tidy for ease of styling.

Mohawk Hairstyle FAQ

Ok, we know the mohawk hairstyle isn’t the easiest or most common of looks. Traditionally, this hairstyle has been associated with anti-establishment punks and alternative youth culture, so it’s not exactly an everyday hairstyle choice for most people!

Is the Mohawk hairstyle difficult to style?

You may be pleasantly surprised, but mohawks aren’t actually that difficult to style. The truth is that although it looks rather labour-intensive, you don’t need to be a hair pro to nail the mohawk, especially if your hair is relatively short.

Look out for strong-hold gels like the VO5 Freeze Hold Styling Gel, the VO5 Freeze Hold Styling Spray – if you want an easy and even application – or the TIGI Bed Head For Men Power Play Firm Finishing Gel, which will moisturise, protect and add shine without leaving a flaky finish. Just evenly apply your chosen product to your hair and use your hands or a comb to brush it upwards. Once the product has set, you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

Who can rock this hairstyle?

Thanks to its association with the punk movement, mohawks are often seen as a statement hairstyle. Not to mention, it involves a lot of commitment, as it requires you to shave off both sides of your hair. So, essentially this isn’t for the faint-hearted, and if you are considering this ‘do, you might want to take some time to assess if it’s really for you!

mohawks dark brown hair
Feeling tempted to try the mohawk haircut? Credit: Indigital.

Who can I gain mohawk haircut inspiration from?

In terms of celebrities that have rocked mohawks, you’ll be happy to hear that you’re in good company. Previously, Jared Leto has been a fan, and Usher’s South of France cut, which has been described as the “gentleman’s mohawk”, is a close cousin of the hairstyle. In fact, if you’re tempted by the mohawk, but want something a little less dramatic, the South of France cut a great alternative for those with curly or afro hair types. If you don’t want to part with your precious hair down the sides? Why not experiment with the mohawk’s quieter, more dapper counterpart, the faux-hawk to see if the full-on version might be for you.



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