5 Men’s short haircuts every modern gent should know about

Ready for some serious short hair inspiration?

Just because you decide to opt for a short hairstyle, doesn’t mean that you’ll be limited on choice – far from it. Struggling to find inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Here are our top 5 men’s short haircuts that we think every modern gent should know about.

5 Men’s short haircuts to try now

mens short haircuts the angular fringe
Men’s short haircuts: The angular fringe. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

The angular fringe

Having first appeared on our radar back in 2014, when it became a firm favourite amongst male models, the angular fringe has continued to increase in popularity and is set to be a huge trend in 2016.

With its strong, asymmetrical length on top and short sides, this edgy look offers a fashion-forward twist on traditional men’s short haircuts. Whilst it’s suitable for every face shape, thanks to its ability to balance any types of features, this look is particularly great for men with round faces. Not to mention, that it’s also incredibly versatile, as it can be styled in a variety of ways to suit your signature look, from an undone, textured ‘do with the Lynx Natural Look Flexible Control Cream (£4.29*), to a sleek and sophisticated style with the TIGI Bed Head For Men Slick Trick Pomade (£13.95*).

mens short haircuts the caesar
Men’s short haircuts: The Caesar. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

The Caesar

The timeless and effortless Caesar cut has been around for quite some time (as you might have already guessed, it takes its name from Julius Caesar). Perfect for gents who want a hairstyle that’s low-maintenance, this low-profile cut features a short fringe that is styled forward. To achieve the look, ask your stylist to cut your hair evenly on the sides and top, making it pretty short (somewhere between half an inch to 3 inches, depending on your personal preferences).

To keep your Caesar looking groomed and contemporary, simply apply a small amount of VO5 Extreme Style Groomed Gel Wax (£3.99*) all over. This should help it stay in place all day.

mens short haircuts the undercut
Men’s short haircuts: The undercut. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

The undercut

The undercut is a versatile look that leaves the top section of your hair long, while the sides and back are taken short. Note that this hairstyle can look slightly different on everyone, so you should always discuss with your barber how it can best suit your face and head shape before taking the plunge, as the fade (the gradual change in length; from short on the sides, to long on top) and how high it will be on top will very much depend on your features. An undercut is suitable for all types of hair, but as a general rule, the more hair you have, the bolder it will be!

mens short haircuts clean cut and short
Men’s short haircuts: Super short and clean cut. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

Super short and clean cut

This look is not for everyone, but for those who can pull it off, it’s just perfect if you don’t want to spend too much time styling your hair (without compromising on style, of course). With its ‘no effort’ appeal and sharp, defined angles, this super short ‘do should definitely be achieved by a professional stylist. For added impact, line up a beard with your cut – this will always earn you extra style points.

mens haircut tapered fade with texture
Men’s short haircuts: Texturised taper.

Texturised taper

Perfect for creating movement and depth, the texturised taper is the epitome of masculine elegance, and proves that embracing a short cut doesn’t mean that you can’t still style your hair. With its tapered sides and textured top, this classic ‘do can always be updated. And best of all, it suits all face shapes, too!

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