How to style a high and tight haircut: 3 ways

Rock the military-inspired haircut in 3 different ways.

There’s a common misconception that the military-inspired high and tight haircut isn’t very versatile. However, we’re here to help prove that wrong. This classic hairstyle has its roots in the roaring ’20s and was a popular prohibition ‘do. Fast-forward to current day and it’s still a practical and easy-to-maintain cut favoured by men of all ages. In fact, we so believe in the versatility of the high and tight hairstyle that we’ve put together a few different ways to rock the ‘do. So read on and discover how to style this neat, masculine cut in three different ways now.

3 Ways to style a high and tight haircut


1. High and tight for black hair

Obviously, styling the high and tight haircut on black hair isn’t the same as styling it on straight manes. And although you could use the same techniques, there are other ways to make the most out of your curly and afro hair textures.

Use a medium-hold product to give your curly or kinky hair natural-looking control. We recommend the VO5 Extreme Style Casual Control Fluff Tamer (£3.99*), which is a flexible product that can help bring control and calm to various different hair textures. Start with towel-dried hair, and, using your index finger, scoop a small amount of the Fluff Tamer out of the tub. Evenly coat the palms of your hands and apply by scrunching it through your ‘fro, then use a sponge to further work in the product, and help define your curls and coils. Watch the video (above) to get a better idea!


2. The slick high and tight

Have a formal function coming up? Slicking back your high and tight haircut is the perfect solution for dressier occasions – and a hair gel can help you achieve this groomed aesthetic. Traditionally, hair gel was known for it’s effective but untouchable stiffness, however modern product innovations have brought us gels that have a less crispy finish (hallelujah!).

Not convinced? Try the VO5 Extreme Style Groomed Gel Wax (£3.99*). This wax/gel hybrid allows you to get the best of both worlds. Take a small amount of product in the palms of your hands, and work it through damp or dry hair. Then simply smooth your tresses back with your hands, or use a comb for a more polished, groomed look. Blowdry your hair to manipulate it in a certain direction if needed, or leave to air-dry and you’re done! The result? A firmly-held but touchable high and tight hairstyle with a slick, glossy finish.


3. The casual high and tight

If you’re looking for an easy way to style your high and tight haircut, this cool, casual ‘do could be the solution for achieving a laid-back look. Want to know how to nail it? Pick a hair putty or paste – this will help give you casual control and texture with a more natural-looking finish.

The Toni&Guy Men Styling Fibre (£6.99*) can help you create that lived-in texture with a matte appearance. Start by taking a small amount of fibre and rub it in between your palms. Rake the product through damp hair or dry hair for medium hold, then casually shape and mould your locks for a perfectly undone look.

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