Your guide to the fohawk (AKA fauxhawk)

Everything you need to know about the mohawk's more dapper cousin...

The fohawk (AKA fauxhawk) is one of this year’s most popular hairstyles for men, and it’s perfect for creating volume, height and shape. Inspired by a popular trend that populated the punk rock era of the 1980s, the cut, as the name suggests, is a more conservative version of its rebellious cousin: the mohawk.

Smart, softer and more universally appealing, the fohawk has stepped away from the drastic shaved sides and clean lines that have become synonymous with the mohawk. Instead, the haircut involves short back and sides and a tapered top to achieve a smart, everyday style that looks just as good at the office as it does on a night out.

The fohawk: Everything you need to know


fohawk hairstyle for men
Fohawk 101. Credit: Dvora

What is the fohawk?

Put simply, the fohawk looks just like the result you would get if you asked your barber for ‘short back and sides and a fuller top’, as it involves using scissors to cut the sides and the back of your hair short, whilst keeping plenty of length and height on top. To achieve a bolder statement look, many people also ask for a faded effect for a more defined final look. But remember that, like many stylish haircuts, this is a ‘do that will require maintenance to ensure that it keeps its shape, so expect regular trips to the barbers!

your guide to the fohawk
Your guide to the fohawk. Credit: Dvora

How to style it

One of the main advantages of the fohawk is that it’s super versatile, so it can be adapted for any occasion! And if you like to change your look to complement both your on and off-duty looks, this is a cut that will allow you to switch up your hairstyle with ease. Best of all, the fohawk also suits a wide range of hair types, so whether you have straight, curly or wavy locks, it is still achievable! From soft and relaxed styles to more voluminous ones, you’ll quickly find that you’ll be able to experiment with a host of different looks.

When it comes to styling your fohawk, day-old hair is always best. Why? Because freshly washed locks sometimes don’t hold the style you want in place as well. But if you’re left with no other option, we’d recommend towel-drying your hair so it’s still a little damp before styling.

While there are many products available that will allow you to create very different looks, we’d recommend opting for those that will allow you to achieve a strong, lasting hold, like the VO5 Extreme Style Sculpted Mega Hold Styling Gel (£2.99*), especially if you want to tame pesky flyaways at the same time. You’ll quickly discover that there is a vast range of products that are great for adding shape, texture and movement, including wax (like the Toni&Guy Men’s Styling Wax Stick £7.49*), gel, pomade, cream or a hybrid hair product, like the Lynx Adrenaline Super Hold Cream Gel (£4.29*). Once you’ve found the right one for you, just remember that when it comes to applying it to your hair, you should always warm it between the palms of your hand, first.

Now that your know everything about the fohawk, will you take the plunge?

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