Hair hits: We take a look back at the many looks worn by David Beckham

All the noteworthy hairstyles from the style icon...  

Now in 2018, we’re used to athletes being just as glamorised outside the realms of their sport as they are in them. From basketball players to boxers (Anthony Joshua, we’re looking at you), there is no denying that footballer David Beckham was the first to bridge that gap from sports star to celebrity.

Taking his personal style to the next level, David Beckham set the pace for many men it the grooming department. Never one to shy away from a bold look, David Beckham leads the way when it comes to metrosexual men who take pride in their grooming rituals – especially with his hair!

David Beckham’s hair hits (and hair fails if we’re to be honest)

david beckham slick bar hair on cover of ES magazine
David the cover star. Credit:

2018: Slick back

Gracing yet another magazine cover, David wore his dirty blonde locks slicked-back with some well-groomed facial hair for his first photoshoot of 2018. If you’re looking for a casually dapper look for the year ahead, this is it.

david beckham blonde hair in man bun
2017: The now iconic man bun. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2017: Man bun

Growing out his hair (as he often does), David Beckham likes to revert to the much-loved man bun. Not only super trendy right now, a man bun is practical too – especially if you need to keep your long tresses falling forward while working up a sweat.

david beckham side quiff dirty blonde hair and facial hair
2014: It was all about the facial hair for David in 2014. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2014: Side quiff + facial hair combo

You may have noticed that over the years more and more men have been not only growing out their mane but their facial hair, too! Kicking off the trend was David Beckham back in 2014 when he decided to team his signature side quiff with a rugged beard – very hipster, David!

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david beckham medium length flow hair
2010: David wearing the popular flow hair trend. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2010: Flow hair

Seen on everyone from Kit Harrington to Bradley Cooper, shoulder-length tresses have become the go-to look for A-list men lately, even becoming dubbed ‘flow hair‘ thanks to the wind-swept style. Yet while many style their flow hair in a side-parting or pushed back, David wore his down the centre and tucked behind his ears.

david beckham platinum blonde buzzcut
2007: David pioneering the 2018 much-loved style. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2007: Platinum hues

Sorry Kanye, you may have made the platinum buzzcut trendy in 2017, but David was working the style, like, 10 years ago.

If you’re loving this look on David and want to give the platinum look a go yourself, you will be happy to know it’s not too late, as we think platinum shades will be one of 2018’s biggest hair trends for men.

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david beckham buzzcut with sunglasses
2004: How low can you go? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2004: The buzzcut

Long, short, we can hardly keep up with the many hairstyles of David Beckham, but we think this buzzcut is one of this best and most timeless looks yet.

So what is the appeal with the buzzcut you ask? Well, the low-maintenance haircut requires practically no styling and has recently become the look favoured by the likes of Jamie Dornan, Zayn Malik and the Jonas brothers.

david beckham blonde cornrows
2003: Yes cornrows. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2003: Cornrows

Okay, this is where it gets a bit, umm, questionable. Whether you love it or hate it, David’s cornrows are iconic. But bearing in mind it was 2003 we can cut David a little slack, but we think this braided style has to fall under the hair fail category – sorry David.

david beckham half-up, half-down blonde hair
2003: David showed off his length in this half-up, half-down style. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2003: Half-up, half-down

If your eyes can be torn away from his dazzling jewellery, you will bear witness to one cracker of a hairstyle. Showing off the length of his medium hair and keeping his hair off his face, David wore his highlighted blonde hair in a half-up, half-down ponytail.

If you have long hair and want a break from the man bun style give this festival fave style a try.

david beckham spiky blonde hair
2002: Looking just as stylish on the pitch as he is off. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2002: Spikes

The early noughties were all about boyband mania. From NSYNC to Blue, every male celeb seemed to be wearing their hair spiky and putting his hair wax to good use was, of course, David.

Editor’s tip: Recreate David Beckham-esque spikes by using Lynx Signature Clean Cut Look Definition Wax ideal for sharp structured styles with precise definition.

david beckham mohawk hairstyle
2001: THAT mohawk. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2001: Mohawk

Find filed under ‘what were you thinking?’. Maybe that’s a little too harsh but we don’t truly believe that this mohawk was one of David’s strongest looks, do you?

But that’s not to say mohawk styles can’t be fashionable, instead of David’s close shaved sides, make your mohawk 2018 approved by asking your barber for a faded finish.

david beckham wet look curtains
1998: Baby-faced David Beckham. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

1998: Curtains

From catwalk shows to Zayn Malik (yes him again), curtain hairstyles have seen a resurgence since their heyday in the ’90s. But one of the original curtain lovers was David Beckham who would regularly wear his hair in the style.

And there you have it, 20 years of Beckham hair transformations! Which did you like best?




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