The best mohawk hairstyles for men from Instagram

Jeanette | 03 September 2016

Who knew mohawks could be this versatile?

Ok, we know mohawk hairstyles for men aren’t the easiest or most common of ‘dos. Traditionally, this hairstyle has been associated with anti-establishment punks and alternative youth culture, so it’s not exactly an everyday hairstyle choice for most people!

However, the mohawk has had a revolution of its own: it’s been reworked and adapted, so it’s actually far more wearable nowadays as a non-punk look. But regardless of whether you have your heart set on a large, rockstar mohawk, or even you’re just dabbling with the idea of getting the cut, our round-up of the best mohawk hairstyles for men from Instagram should give you some ideas. Keep scrolling to discover them, now.

Top 5 mohawk hairstyles for men on Instagram


Mohawk hairstyles for men: Grey mohawk with shaved lines
Mohawk hairstyles for men: Grey mohawk with shaved lines. Credit: @grungegarage_ekb.

Grey mohawk

Did you know that grey is the new blonde? Well, you heard it here first! So, if you’re naturally turning into a silver fox, ditch the dye and embrace this (somewhat surprising) hair colour trend. If you’re feeling intrigued by this unexpected look, then click here to discover more. Credit: @grungegarage_ekb

Mohawk hairstyles for men: the classic with side part shaves
Mohawk hairstyles for men: Classic mohawk with a twist. Credit: @properbarbers.

Classic mohawk with a side part

Want a classic-looking mohawk, but still want it to look modern and fresh? Then try adding in small amounts of detail to the sides of your hair, which can make for a more stylised finish. That’s why we love this mohawk-like hairstyle with a barely-there, thin side parting shaved in. The devil’s always in the detail, right? Credit: @properbarbers

Mohawk hairstyles for men: smooth and subtle mohawk
Mohawk hairstyles for men: Subtle mohawk. Credit: @semionbarbershop.

(Very) Subtle mohawk

Not all mohawk hairstyles for men don’t have to be dramatic and bold, and this subtle style is a case in point. The secret to nailing the look? Keeping everything relatively short! Yep, it really is as easy as that. Credit: @semionbarbershop

Mohawk hairstyles for men: Frohawk hairstyle
Mohawk hairstyles for men: ‘Frohawk. Credit: @ananodaclark.


Want the mohawk style, but have curly or kinky hair? Then draw inspiration from @ananodaclark and just ask your barber for a skin burst fade on the sides. The fade should spread from just around the ears, gradually working its way to the middle strip of hair. It’s a little edgier than the barely-there mohawk, but still provides plenty of impact thanks to your hair’s natural curliness! Credit: @ananodaclark

Mohawk hairstyles for men: Subtle south of France mohawk
Mohawk hairstyles for men: South of France. Credit: @kristhebarber.

South of France

Ok, we know that technically this isn’t a mohawk, but consider the South of France as its very close hairstyle cousin! Made popular by R’n’B artist Usher, the hairstyle is also known as the ‘gentleman’s mohawk’ because of its very discreet shape at the front.

In fact, you’d even be forgiven for not recognising it at first.  And don’t worry if you’re still not a 100% certain about what this hairstyle is all about; just read our guide here to get the complete lowdown on this dapper hairstyle! Credit: @kristhebarber

Want a mohawk but still not sure if it’s right for you? Then check out our top 5 tips for pulling it off here!


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