5 Easy, on-point medium hairstyles for men

All Things Hair | 22 April 2016

Five easy, up-to-the-minute easy and on-trend hairstyles to ask your barber for.

Whether you’re looking to grow out your short crop, or give your long locks a tidy and a refresh, there are plenty of smart and easy-to-maintain medium hairstyles for men to tempt even the most practical of gents. For those who are currently sporting a short cut, you’ll be surprised at how much more creative you can be with just a bit of extra length. And as for those who like theirs shaggy and long, just think how much cooler you’ll be come summertime.

Still need convincing? Here are five up-to-the-minute medium hairstyles for men – that are both stylish and low-maintenance – you should try this summer. See how to ask for the cut you want, plus more specific styling tips below.

5 Medium hairstyles for men

hairstyles for men textured quiff
Short, back and sides: the textured quiff. Credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Textured quiff

A statement-making style that’s easier to maintain than it looks, the textured quiff is 2016’s modification on the more polished, attention-grabbing quiff as we know it. While in the past, the focus has very much been on height and scale, this year, it’s all about texture and the nonchalant unstructuredness of this striking yet effortless cut. The best thing about the textured quiff, though, is that it’s much easier to style compared to its more architecturally structured counterpart.

Getting the cut: Ask your barber to cut the back and sides shorter and sharper, while maintaining some height on top (this is entirely dependent on how dramatic you want the outcome). And consult him/her about what might work best for your face shape. Try going for a more angled quiff if you have a narrower bone structure, and one that’s slightly more upright if you have a rounder, wider face.

Styling tips: For added depth and volume, try spritzing a volumising spray or salt spray – like the Toni&Guy Mens Messy Salt Spray (£7.49*) – into the roots first, before using the Toni&Guy Mens Styling Wax Stick (£7.49*) – worked gently in between your fingers – to twist and push the hair upwards. To manipulate the direction, run your fingers through the quiff to create the desired effect.

Mens short hairstyles low hawk
Low hawk: a subtle version of the mohawk, perfect for short hair

2. Faux hawk

The edgy mohawk’s smarter, more dapper cousin, the faux hawk (or fohawk) is also known as yet another variation on the quiff. In simpler terms, defining characteristics of the faux hawk include a longer top and front, and shorter shaved back and sides that aren’t quite as drastic as the mohawk’s signature skin shave. Highly versatile and a cinch to style, the faux hawk is easily adaptable for both work and play.

Getting the cut: Essentially, you can request for a shorter shaved back and sides, and a longer top section, but how dramatic or prominent you want your ‘hawk to look is entirely up to you. If you want the ’hawk a little more pronounced, ask your barber to take the back and sides tighter. You can even opt for a fade effect for a bolder, more directional look.

Styling tips: For a more pared down effect, push the longer front and top bits back or parted to one side, using Toni&Guy Mens Styling Wax Stick to hold the style in place. Or to emphasise the height and achieve a more heavily textured top, go for TIGI Bed Head For Men Pure Texture Molding Paste (£11.50*) that will help mould and hold the style. If you’ve kept the sides a little longer, use your fingers to flatten the hair down to draw attention to the top and keep it neat. Adopt a finger-twisting motion to create more texture on top if you need it.

easy medium hairstyles for men curly on top
Medium hairstyles for men: curly on top. Credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Curls on top

For men who have quite curly to very curly hair, and who want to show off their texture while keeping it neat and easy to manage, this medium hairstyle makes for a fine choice. This look is about keeping the back and sides short, and leaving a mop of curls on top. While getting the cut right can be a little trickier (remember: communication is key), once it’s been done, it should be a breeze to style.

Getting the cut: Opt for a short back and sides, and ask for the top to be kept quite a bit longer (very important to note as it’s an essential component that makes this style unique). A teardrop fringe can also be requested if that’s the desired effect (it can help define the jawline). There should be no hard lines in this cut, so avoid disconnected tops and bottoms. The best length for sideburns to accompany this cut is around the bottom of the brow bone.

Styling tips: Good news: the hard part’s over. This haircut is super easy to maintain and style, providing you have the right products. If you have tighter curls, a small amount (approx. the size of a 20 pence-piece) of VO5 Extreme Style Casual Control FluffTamer (£3.99*) and a gentle twisting action with your fingers can help eliminate frizz, and define and hold your curls.

easy medium hairstyles for men swept back
Men’s medium hairstyles: casually swept back. Credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Casually swept back

Want the sleek, sophisticated effect of a regular slick-back, minus the now-unfashionable greasy sheen? Consider the casually swept back style your new office-to-party buddy. A more effortless look that maintains the seductive curve of a slicked back ‘do, the outcome of this smart, yet functional cut is defined by its shape. Semi-loose and very touchable, it’s a style that the ladies will love, too.

Getting the cut: Shape, as mentioned before, is key here – and a barber with good layering skills will be the one you want to help you achieve this look. It might be wise to remember that the angles at which the hair is cut will determine the shape of the style, so don’t be afraid to chat with your stylist at length about how he/she might tackle your hair if you’re unsure. Basic principles are that the length of the top and bottom sections should differ by approximately two inches, with layers built in to blend the two together.

Styling tips: As long as your hair has enough length, styling should be super easy. Texture is key. Remember: it’s a softer, more casual effect you want, so it’s not about slicking hair back willy-nilly, but gently teasing it into place. The trick is to use a hairdryer to force the hair to sit in a certain place, and add volumising products like the VO5 Extreme Style ThickenUp Gel Foam (£3.99*) to boost texture and volume. And please, gents, no combs; your fingers are the only tools you need.

mens hairstyles parting comb over
Men’s comb over hairstyle. Credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Dapper side part

Inspired by gentlemen’s hairstyles from the ‘60s, the dapper side part is a smart, sophisticated style that’s perfect for any modern working man. It can be adopted by anyone with short or medium-length locks, and is ideal for those trying to grow out their hair. This style works particularly well for men with really thick hair, too.

Getting the cut: Designed to work with your hair’s natural parting, the effect of this dapper cut can be enhanced by getting an undercut with a subtle fade or taper to complement the deep side-parting on one side; the other side can be left more structured. This can result in quite a bold look, but clever styling can make it boardroom-appropriate, too. Remember: the tighter the taper, the more prominent the parting effect.

Styling tips: If your barber took into account the direction of your hair growth and cut it accordingly, styling should be a painless process. For a more directional wet look, use a product with a glossy finish – like TIGI Bed Head for Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel (£11.50*) and comb over to one side. If you want more volume, use a hairdryer – to help direct the strands upwards and over – in conjunction with a matte product that’s lighter in weight.

With any one of these medium hairstyles for men, you’ll be on-trend and on time.

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