Edgy long hairstyles men can pull off

Guys, the long hairstyles of your dreams!

We at All Things Hair know all too well the struggle of growing out our strands. The unique wash and care routines, the regular trims to keep it looking healthy, and then, just as you reach your desired length, you fall short of styling ideas (sigh). Well, luckily for you, this doesn’t have to be the case: because we’re about to introduce you to 4 edgy long hairstyles men can pull off with ease!

So, fellas, if you’re ready to discover some hot new styling ideas for your length manes, keep on scrolling, and prepare to rock your locks like never before!

Long hairstyles men can pull off: 4 Looks to try


long hairstyles men: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long light brown hair braids messy
Long hairstyles men can pull off: Hidden braids.

1. Hidden man braids

First came the man bun, and then came the man braid. But don’t worry if you’re not ready to fully commit to the latter of these 2 long hairstyles, because there is a neat alternative: hidden plaits. Yes, you read that correctly, you can still rock the look, just in a much more subtle way. And all it takes, is to strategically place a few plaits underneath the top layer of your hair – this way, you’ll be able to choose when and where you reveal your stunning braids! Who doesn’t love the best of both worlds, right?

Editor’s tip: Spray some Toni&Guy Mens Messy Salt Spray into your hair before styling, as this will provide extra grip, and make your tresses easier to braid.

long hairstyles men: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long brown Asian hair hat
Long hairstyles men can pull off: Flicked out ends. Credit: Dvora

2. Flicked out ends

Now, we know what you’re thinking: ‘flicked out ends?!’ – but before you turn away, hear us out! This very subtle twist on a long men’s hairstyle can easily help modernise your look, and is a great way to inject a quirky edge to super straight hair.

Now, we’re not telling you to create full-on curls here, but just kink the ends of your hair with a straightener, so that it gently flicks out. Trust us: this twist is subtle, stylish, and easy-to-achieve!

long hairstyles men: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long brown hair ponytail beard
Long hairstyles men can pull off: The ponytail and beard combo. Credit: Allyson Alapont.

3. The ponytail and beard combo

Thought the ponytail was a female-exclusive hairstyles? Well think again, because this ‘do looks just as good on men – not to mention, it’s a truly practical hairstyle! So, if you don’t want any pesky flyaways to cramp your style, now could be the perfect time to rock a ponytail as your go-to look.

But if you’re still a little apprehensive about trying this borrowed hairstyle, then simply pair it with a full-on beard and rest assured no one will question how manly your ‘do is!

long hairstyles men: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long light brown hair half-up, half-down style
Long hairstyles men can pull off: Half-up, half-down style.

4. The simple half-up, half-down style

The great thing about having long hair, is that it can be easily managed by sweeping it off your face, and tying it up. This makes it ideal for those gym-goers or fitness fanatics among you, as it will ensure your mane doesn’t get all sweaty while you work out! But if you’ve tried and tested the man bun, and want something a little easier to pull together, then why not give the above half-up, half-down style a go? It’s neat, it’s stylish, and it’s done in seconds!

Tip: To help prevent your hair from becoming greasy when you hit the gym, spray some VO5 Extreme Style Casual Control DryTexture Spray into your mane beforehand, as this will help to absorb the sweat and excess oil produced.


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